Identify This Valentino

  1. Has anyone seen the gorgeous black Valentino bag with the shiny sun metal hardware? Runs about $1700. I must have this bag!! I saw it in Las Vegas earlier this month at the Fashion Show mall and it is TDF!
  2. Maybe you could call the mall and find out who had the fashion show, then call them. I love Valentino bags, especially the newer versions. I'm looking at the Historie.
  3. Do you have a picture?
  4. I've just bought this Valentino clutch but I don't know any information about it.Anybody can help?:ty:

  5. Does anyone know the name of this valentino bag and the year collection? I bought it last year in Italy, but didn't ask much about details of it.


  6. Saw this bag on a lady in my local supermarket. Can not tell much, except that it was light blue leather-you can call it powder blue, very squishy by the looks of it.
    Valentino-I saw the name tag on
    handle is kind of interesting-braid or leather strap with metallic chain added to it and where it connects to the body of the bag it looke like tree branch, leaves cascading down.
    very pretty.
    If you guys know of anything like that or have a picture, can you respond?
    Thank much in advance.
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  8. Please help me with the name of this bag!
  9. Hmmm....

  10. That's the Valentino Invisible Bag...comes in clear, see-through and translucent :smile:
  11. ^ No... It's the Valentino Transparent Clutch. I have one! :smile:

    I love how it's so discreet and under-the-radar! :smile:

    OP! We need pics!
  12. :p
  13. Hi,

    I have come across a beautiful Valentino handbag and would love to know the style and year it was released and also how much it would have retailed for.

    Thank you in advance
  14. How did MGA and I miss this??? OP, I apologize! MGA will definitely know the answer to your questions. I believe this bag is from fall/winter 2009, but can't be positive.