Identify this Alexander Wang bag

  1. They are both the mini duffle in black with brass hardware but Hils has the extra shoulder strap, these are the newer editions but both versions are still available online :biggrin:
  2. May I know how much are they? Can you please post the link of the site? thank you!
  3. Received this mini today from a TPFer. I'm not an expert on A Wang bags so I'm just curious as to when this particular grey rocco was released? I think there are a few different models in grey leather with different studs. TIA!




  4. ^^^^ Oh and in reference to above, I think it's a 2009 from her listing but that could just be when she purchased? Is it spring/summer or fall/winter? Cheers! I will add photos to reference thread once I know.
  5. I bought that same bag November 2009.

    I'm wondering that if there is anyone have seen something like this before? I've never seen a donna hobo with studs before and this girl here is not willing to tell me where she purchased this bag.

    what do you think?
  7. I'm guessing it's a fake. The Donna has never came with studs on the bottom, likely why she does not want to tell you where she purchased it.

    Cacciatrice~ That bag is a fake but I'm guessing it's trying to look like the new Sage color.
  8. Thank you tatertot ;)

  9. well...I guess i'm a pain in the ass for her and I didn't even know that, if what you said is true.
    I've been send her PM for a while since she never writes back. I'm just really curious about this bag.:wacko:
  10. Hey girls! What do you think about this one, authentic? I think it looks like the real deal, but want to be sure before I buy it!
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