ID This Coach item! -- Post any Coach item name questions here! --

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  1. I believe this is from the soho collection I could be wrong but I have the same one in black and I love it the creed is B7C-4160, the dimensions I measured are 14 inches in height 10 inches across, 7 inches the opening, I hope this little info helps. I am sure one of the experts will have more info to tell I love their knowledge about bags and I learned a lot from here.:P
  2. borrowed from a reveal. What's the style name/# and do you know what its going for at the outlet? Thanks! I feel like I should know what it is lol

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  3. Can anyone give me more info about this lovely scarf?

    Its tag says "Limited Edition". I haven't found any info about the scarf itself, but the print is similar to the MYNY tote released for the 2008 Hong Kong store opening. Except, the tote is black & white and my scarf is brightly colored. The scarf also has Reed Krakoff's initials like the tote. I found these two links to the tote and the story:
    The link no longer works, and I couldn't get it to work in either.

    There is a tag on the scarf identifying it as LE NYC SCENE with style#98593 but when I looked up that item number, I found something entirely different. See (NMA):

    Any insight? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, hope you can see the picture. Any information on this bag would be greatly appreciated.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. What is the serial number on the creed?
  7. I have no idea. I don't even remember where I got this picture, but would love to track this bag down.
  8. The scarf matches a nylon Parker tote that came out last year. I don't remember anything more specific about it.
  9. It's hard to say for sure from the photo, but this looks like it could be the Madison Textured Metallic Claire in black (14421). It should have silver hardware and a chain strap.
  10. The style number of the scarf is 98593. It was on the Coach website when it came out.

    I think the seller in the auction link you posted put the wrong style number for that scarf.

    Here's Coach's picture of style 98593.

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  11. I just went through this same search! It's unofficial name is Gracie and it's known in stores as square satchel. Style #14612, I believe. Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks! I guess from the other photos it looked bigger and that's why I was confused lol
  13. Thanks starrymaz and ozmodiar!
  14. hello, i'm new to this i'm sorry if this description is pathetic. i'm searching for a purse that i saw it at an outlet. I didn't get to it fast enough! i know it's not the greatest description but it was brown and whiteish. it had c sewen all around the purse. it was a medium size and the strap was braided. that was my favorite part the strap it was very nice. please any help it was love at first sight.
  15. Does this look like what you saw?