I Returned 2 Wallets but Bought Another One, I am Hopeless!

  1. I like that too! Thanks for the heads up. I won't be skipping men's anymore!
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  2. Congratulations on your beautiful find! I can practically smell the leather through the screen:drool:
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  3. Love your new wallet, guess I need a rode trip to the outlet. Really like that sunglass case as well.
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  4. Thanks! I've done a lot of damage at the outlets lately but I had a gift card, and a coupon, and I needed to buy a gift - and they've had a lot of great FP deletes - it wasn't my fault! Hopefully it will all end after the holiday weekend and I will stay away for awhile!
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  5. It's a good thing that they didn't also have it in black at the men's outlet, because I would have bought 2 wallets!
  6. That is nice wallet! i can see why you caved & brought it home lol.
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  7. It definitely matters! Since wallets and purses are something you touch often it feeling good is important, i have turned down many an item because i could not stand the liner feel or the outer texture.
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    I have always appreciated the tactile sensation of stroking a lovely leather bag. I stayed away from patent leather for a long time because I didn't like the feel, but then came to appreciate the all-weather protection of patent and bought some bags. I've never cared for the feel of saffiano or cross-grain and the only cross-grain item I have is a cosmetic bag. It feels like plastic but it is cute and functional so that's okay.

    I always knew that the texture was important but I was surprised and just how much it bothered me even though I had found 2 very nice-looking wallets at good prices, but I just didn't like the feel!

    But now I know, and I will avoid items in the future if I don't like the texture - even if they are pretty and a bargain!
  9. I love this sunglasses case! That is very fun and funky. I've never thought to look at the men's accessories for me. I've tried to get the hubster interested in Coach items but to no avail. Oh well, I'll just look for myself.
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    I used to find a lot of nice FP delete items at the Men's Outlet, back when they had separate Men's and Women's Coach Outlets at the Aurora, IL mall, but since they moved into one big store, I rarely see Men's FP deletes in clearance. The Rosemont, IL outlet mall has separate stores - that's where I found my new wallet, maybe that mall will become my new source of goodies from the men's line!

    Another favorite is my Bleecker Pencil Case 64544 that I bought in clearance for $20 at the men's store. I carry it every day and use it to hold a pen, stylus, USB stick, and laser pointer.
    PencilCaseBleecker64544_002.jpg PencilCaseBleecker64544_004.jpg PencilCaseBleecker64544_006.jpg
  11. I think it looks good with the willow floral nomad, they both have gunmetal hardware and stud decorations!

    If I had gotten in black they would have been great together, but it would be hard to find inside the bag because it has black lining!
  12. Very pretty. They look great together.
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