I Returned 2 Wallets but Bought Another One, I am Hopeless!

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    I recently purchased 2 FP delete wallets, a hologram mercer accordion zip and a grey birch (driftwood) accordion zip that I bought at the outlet with the tiered coupon. They were good deals, each around $100. I was looking for a wallet to go with my new grey birch willow floral nomad, but neither of these wallets were a good companion for that bag.

    With the help of my TPF comrades I finally decided to shop my own closet and return the 2 wallets - because I already have many, many wallets and don't need any more - no matter how much I love them!

    So I went to the Women's Coach Outlet at Rosemont, IL and returned the 2 wallets and ignored all the pretty things and felt very proud of myself for my willpower. And I sternly told myself "no more wallets, you have enough already!"

    But my resolution was short-lived. I walked across to the Men's Coach Outlet to pick up a gift for my husband and saw that they had a small, 70% off clearance section with some very nice wallets and small leather goods.

    I fell in love with one of the wallets and I bought it. I have no need for it or any plans for it but I will not be returning it - want to see the wallet that broke my ban so quickly?

    BTW, the outlets are now giving out the tiered coupon and promoting holiday weekend sales! I snapped a couple of spy pics of the 50% off FP Delete section, see the link below:
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  2. Here!
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    I saw this wallet and I loved it and the price was great so my willpower melted away instantly. It was designed for the Men's line but it's mine now! I don't know if it came in other colors but I like this color just fine so that's okay with me.

    They also had some really nice blue and black houndstooth items and some very nice half wallets and other small leather goods in men's clearance, as well as a few bags.

    I will show you the wallet that broke the ban with the next post!
  4. I had never seen it before but I bought the Studs Accordion Zip Wallet in Saddle with Gunmetal Hardware 75445 SAD. It retailed for $295 and was in clearance for $87 and I got it for $65 with the coupon! Isn't this a great-looking wallet?!
    StudsWallet_001.jpg StudsWallet_002.jpg StudsWallet_003.jpg 75445_sad_a0.jpg
  5. Ack! I want to break my ban for this wallet too! It's gorgeous!
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  6. This is a beautiful wallet! I love the stud detail. Good things come to those who wait...
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  7. That's a beautiful wallet! I bet it would have sold better if they had marketed it in the women's section. I love the color of the studs and the fact they are on both sides.
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    I know, what made them think that this was a good wallet for the men's line? It is too big and too decorative to appeal to most men IMO, and I know my husband would never carry a wallet called "Studs" but I really love it! :heart:
  9. It's gorgeous...so pretty ....and such a good price...can't beat that. Look at it as if you saved a few bucks by returning the other two....so it's kinda like you got this one for next to nothing. I wouldn't feel bad at all....at least you walked outta there without a brand new bag. Hehe.
    I love it!!....it looks so soft and will look great with your bag. You should post a pic of both together.
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  10. You're right, I actually saved money on this deal - I shouldn't feel at all guilty!
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  11. Apparently it came in black and saddle and it is made of buffalo-embossed cowhide.
    StudsWalletBlackAd.jpg StudsWalletBlackAd2.jpg
  12. Omg!!...I would love the black.
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  13. Oh, I love that wallet! I need to start checking the men's stuff out!
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  14. Thanks, it looks very cool in black.

    I didn't care for the texture of the 2 wallets I returned but I really love the texture of this wallet. I never realized how much I care about texture - but it really matters!
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  15. I have found a lot of really nice unisex, small leather goods in the Men's store, often very cheap. They sometimes have beautiful totes and messenger bags, too.

    One of my favorites Men's item is the Hugo Guinness Sunglasses case. I use it everyday and the leather so nice to touch!
    HugoGuinessSunglasses61546_006.jpg HugoGuinessSunglasses61546_009.jpg
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