I Found a Nicer Gift at a Better Price - Now What Should I Do?

  1. I love the Bleeker one and am so glad you got it before it sold old. I like how it has two zippered sections where as the other two options seemed to have only one main compartment. Hope he loves it!
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  2. Yes, the Bleecker looks like a great bag. I gave him the birthday card and the pics of the bag and he was pleased and doesn't mind waiting for his gift. I will hang on to the other 2 bags until I receive the Bleecker - just in case! Thanks!
  3. Yep, totally understand... I live and work downtown, and do a bit of walking so I need a roomy & comfy bag, especially when we have 4 seasons in one day ;)
    I used to take the Metra in when I lived in the burbs, so I also remember those days, lol. Love the snoopy tag on the bag... I don't decorate my backpack that I occasionally use, but maybe I should!!
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  4. I would be afraid to put the Snoopy luggage tag on checked baggage because it might disappear, but the backpack is carry-on and Snoopy always makes me smile!
  5. I have always loved the Coach male line.. I have always gotten my husband Coach items, the quality is great they last forever...
    I love the Snoop backpack for me....:biggrin:
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  6. Hope it's not too late skateboarding. I instantly like the one of the left with saddle hAndles. Looks very classy
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  7. That bleecker looks so nice it makes me want to have one. I am so happy you ended up finding the perfect one for a great deal :smile: It's awesome that you put so much thought into his gift.
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  8. Thanks, I'm waiting for the Bleecker to arrive but I still have the other two stashed away - just in case!
  9. Did the Bleecker arrive? How did your husband like it? :smile:
  10. It did and he loved it! I will post pics as soon as I get a chance, thanks for asking!
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