How To Clean Your Coach!

  1. I just read this in Lucky .... have been meaning to post it! I have not tried it yet, so I don't know.

    Fix it: Get rid of a stain on suede:
    An emory board - exactly the kind you'd use to file your nailes - does wonders for this delicate material. Start with a plain board (skip ones with wild colors or patterns as they may transfer to the suede) and lightly rub the stain in a back and forth motion. It will work on everything from red wine to rain spots. Or just use the file lightly over on suede shoes or bags that have lost their nap.

    Also, how do we get to make this a sticky? Do I need to PM one of the mods?
  2. I agree, I think this should be made sticky! :idea: Wonderful info and thanks for posting!!
  3. Totally meant to make that post too!!! Thanks for adding the info!
  4. :yes: Thanks for the tips!:yes:
  5. i have a really long line of red sharpie on the side of my beautiful khaki soho signature pouch thanks to an immature 15 year old friend who decided it would be fun to chase me with a marker. this is my first and only "real" handbag so far, and i love it to death, so as sad as it sounds, i actually cried about this.

    anyway, how do i get it off? baby wipes didn't work, and neither did a damp cloth. what can i use? i don't really want to try rubbing alcohol or hair spray or anything like that unless someone can tell me that they've tried it on a FABRIC coach product and it doesn't ruin the bag. someone, please help :sad:
  6. ^ I don't blame you I'm 21 & would cry if one of my bags got marker on it. Aren't sharpie permanet? If it is I don't know what would take out the mark. Sorry!
  7. ^ugh i'm still so incredibly upset it's not even funny! i just tried a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol with a q-tip, which seems to take off SOME of the red, but i dont wanna put a lot on it until someone who knows anything else can help me. maybe i will try more as a last resort :-/
  8. Thanks for the info! I have a pebbled leather bag, and I didn't realize that it shouldn't be cleaned with the Coach cleaner and moisturizer. Oops.
  9. just bumping this post up.....
  10. I'm glad you posted this - my Scribble cosmetic case could use a cleaning and I was wondering if soap/water would do the trick. :smile:
  11. This is a great post! Thanks!! :tup:

    I need to order the cleaner for my signature bags....I'm afraid I'll order something else as well.:sweatdrop:

    Is there anything that can be substituted for the Signature fabric cleaner? Or should I bite the bullet and take the chance of going online and ordering it....and a treat for me, hehe?? tia
  12. bumping this

    I just got my eBay mandy and it's in great shape but needs a bit of love

    should I use the sig cleaner on the khaki/brown sig or is there something better? I used shout wipes and they helped, but I'd like it to be better.

    Is the sig cleaner just awesome?
  13. i love the coach signature fabric cleaner! its worked wonders...ive spilled coffee twice! on a signature bag as well as on my signture multistripe top handle pouch! (i'll be drinking my coffee while my boyfriend is driving and when he breaks *noooo!*, it spills on me and my purse because I keep my purse on my lap) and the signature cleaner got rid of the coffee stains.
  14. THANKS!
  15. yeah go for the sig cleaner!!! works great.