How to clean Fendi Canvas bag?

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  1. I would use Coach fabric cleaner.
  2. I have deodorant on my zucca spy, I tried soap and water which did not work.
  3. Hello,

    The correct/recommended way of cleaning your Zucca/Zucchino bags is using vegetable cleaner. The multi-purpose fabric cleaner you can buy at any shoe repair shop seems to work fine as well and it also makes the fabric more stiff - making it look a little newer as a result. Put a small amount on a cloth and spot clean the stain.
  4. I have a Vintage Fendi Canvas bag that has some scuffing and white marks--- is there anything you ladies (and gentleman) recommend that can help clean it up???

  5. Thanks Kiss!! I might go buy some coach fabric cleaner!! :smile:
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I would like to know what to do with my zucca bag that has dark demin transfer on it. Should I just bring it to a fendi store or can I use one of the remedies posted here?
  7. Ive used Blue Coral Upholstery cleaner "Dri-Clean Plus" on my coach bags and on Gucci jacquard bags. Going to use it on Fendi Mama I found at the thrift.