How to clean Fendi Canvas bag?

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  1. hi everyone, i am new to this forum. i am not sure if there is an existing thread about cleaning wallets. does anyone know how to clean fabric Fendi wallet with leather lining inside? any links? thank you very much!:yahoo:
  2. Hi,

    What are you trying to clean off and from where, the leather or the jacquard?
  3. I am trying to clean the jacquard. But I can't really put it under water to clean because wallet has leather inside. My wallet became dark (dirtier) because I had it for 1,5 years, so I was thinking about cleaning it, but I guess I need to take it to professional cleaners? Does anyone know one in Los Angeles?
    Thank you
  4. I accidentaly got a pen line mark on the exterior (fabric part) of my Fendi Zucchino bag. How do I remove the stain without damaging the fabric? :sad:
  5. I know that Fendi has a cleaning service if you would prefer to take it to them. If you call the outlet and ask for the cleaning service address and # they will give it to you. 845-928-5455
  6. My daughter got a pen ink mark on my white Chloe betty cluch, it came out with a "brick". that little white and tan stick that Coach gives with their bags. Don't know if it would work on fabric.
  7. I have an old Fendi Mama Bag in black which I think is made from jacquard fabric (not sure). It's about 6 years old. I spilled wax on it and am wondering whether the trick of using an iron and paper towel to absorb it off the fabric works in this case (with this jacquard fabric). Advice??
    Thanks, Krista

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  8. Welcome to the forum. Not sure if that would work with this frabic. I'm thinking it would make it worse and spread the stain. You can have it professionally cleaned. Can you take a picture of the stain.
  9. Before you attempt a self-clean, why not take it to a dry cleaner and ask their opinion first?
  10. I would start with a Fendi store first... is there one in your area? They might have an option. I am uncertain of a dry cleaner dealing with wax on a bag? How much is on there?
  11. there's quite a bit of wax there...and no Fendi store in Toronto....there is a drycleaner in Toronto that specializes in cleaning designer handbags so I think that may just drop it off...rather than risk ruining it. Thanks for confirming my hunch!
  12. Hey, does anyone know how and IF I can resurrect this mess!? I'm a newbie, I searched through the threads....just didn't find any solid answers. I tried the one phone number listed, but its for leather repair.

    Anyway, I got a lil crazy on ebay and just didn't read the listing properly. Can I use oxy clean?? The seller suggested that! Im totally desperate! Thank you! :shrugs:

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  13. I haven't tried it but, I read on the gucci forum that someone used coach's fabric cleaner on a canvas gucci bag & it worked. Also, I've used dish detergent to spot clean prada nylon and it worked.
  14. Is this bag ruined??:cry:
  15. Is this the traditional FF fabric? If it is, then I've used SHOUT stain remover on my Fendi fabric bags before and it worked just fine. Good luck.