How old were you when you got your first Cartier piece?


Jan 25, 2015
Mid 30s I think, on a watch.

But the jewelry came during Covid (lockdown). I joined PFF because of my love for bags. I stuffed my bag closet with so many and I had no chance to use them to my heart content during WFH, etc. They got the least ROI and then I swayed to fine jewelry where I can wear them 24/7 (yes I like to wear them all the time when home too :P). And it is a slippery slope. Late 40s then I bought myself a Cartier Love.


Mar 15, 2018
At 22, I got a fake Cartier tank francaise small model when I was studying abroad in China. I didn’t even know what Cartier was I just loved the style of the watch face and band. I figured I would wear it until it broke and replace it with a real tank. I had no idea the real cost and was shocked. I got myself the love cuff for surviving the pandemic at 38. And have added VCA pieces and most recently a reg JUC with diamonds. Very fortunate my bank account has grown quite a bit since I was 22 and I’m able to fund/purchase luxury goods through my own hard work.

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Sep 20, 2013
35- I've wanted the love bracelet for over 10 yrs but had wanted my at the time partner to gift it to me but after getting divorced I decided to treat myself with Love. I'm glad I bought it for myself. Ive since added a Love ring a JUC bracelet and my now boyfriend gave me a JUC ring for my birthday.
Good for you!

After I sold my original Love bracelet, I always regretted it and wanted another one, but we could never afford it. So after my husband passed away, I bought myself two Love bracelets (the small and regular) and a JUC. I had my daughter screw them on since she means so much to me.