How often do you switch handbags?

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  1. Everyday. Depends on what I am wearing. Sometimes I chose my bag and then pick my outfit. Lol
  2. Almost everyday...unless I am running late!
  3. I change depending on the need and the season. Carried a tote today, a crossbody yesterday and a shoulder bag the day before. Right now, I have a few brands but mainly stick to one.
  4. Mood and outfit determines when I change my bags. Oh and I have multiple brands, I cheat frequently.:girlsigh: Once a cheater always a cheater!:giggle:
  5. Almost daily. Probably every few days. Depends what I'm wearing and where I'm going.
  6. I also wear multiple brands and styles. But I tend to wear crossbody bags and totes often.But I do also like satchels and shoulder bags.
  7. I buy bag every 2-3 years, because i care my bags so well so it doesn't damaged or broken. For almost 10 years i always bought charles n keith bag and shoes becase it's not to expensive. But finally i bought my first michael kors bag! So happy. I bought a backpack because i need it hehe..
  8. To be honest, I only change my bags when it's past due for a clean out!! >.< I have three purses to use for work (these fit my makeup bag) 1 Dooney and Bourke Zip Zip satchel in pebble leather, 1 Michael Kors tote in saffiano, and just acquired a Tory Burch in saffiano.

    Weekend purses are typically nonames from Ross - No makeup - just to carry my phone/keys/gum.
  9. I guess I’m the odd one out lol...I’m currently still wearing my current bag from Christmas 2017 :shocked: I have more brand new unused bags than I do used ones...I really need to start switching out my bags more but it’s such a pain.
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  10. I switch depending on my outfits, so sometimes it is everyday