How Often Do You Buy Bags?

  1. So how often do you buy bags? Like $100+ ones.

    Every week? Every 2 weeks? Every month? Bimonthly? Every 6 months? I know it may depend on what time of year it is/how much you've saved up. But just try to think of how often you buy on average, year-long.

    I'm sort of new to purchasing more expensive bags, but not to observing them. I'd say from now on I'm going to try for every 2 months, but of course I buy less expensive ones on a more frequent basis.

    Please post your answers here! :wlae:

    *Edit* Mods - Sorry I posted this in the wrong section! I was going to post a question about a dress and was browsing this forum, but decided to post something on bags instead and accidentally posted it here. I'd appreciate if you could move it! Thank you!!
  2. It depends. It seems I get nuts about shopping in spring and fall. Thank god I don't do this year round...I'd be broke!
  3. LOL! So would I. I tend to like shopping in the summer. The designs are more vibrant, I think.
  4. got it!
  5. Thank you!!

    Anyone else? :supacool:
  6. Now I've got the taste for more expensive designer bags- probably 2 bags a year with maybe a smaller purchase in between!!!
  7. oh wow......
    too often for me, it seems.
    I really need to cut back........NOT!
  8. it is nice to get one spring and one fall bag. i usually save up and when i have enough $ i get something
  9. LOL travelibiss!! I know what you mean.

    Thanks for your replies, gabs and flyvetjo.

    Very smart method!
  10. I'd say I buy an expensive bag about once every month-but I tend to sell about once every 3-4 months
  11. This year I have bought WAY!!!!!!! to many

    13 LV's
    6 Gucci's
    I know I say this after every new bag but I REALLLLLLLLLLLY have to stop.
  12. I purchase bags about twice a year. I only allow myself to hit the big sales at NM, Saks and Nordstrom. I occasionally go to TJ Maxx or an outlet, but not very often.
  13. I'm trying to buy one nice bag a year or every two years. Depending on the cost...I think the better thing to do is set a yearly bag budget and then adjust accordingly. If you gave yourself (okay, low for MANY of you, but just a number) $1000 a year for bags. You could buy one Balenciaga (a First or a Day), you could spend a bit more and put that money towards one Chanel...or maybe you could get an entry-level LV and a nice wallet?

    You could even buy 3 or 4 decent Coach bags with that money, it just depends.
  14. For $1000+ bags only twice a year now.
  15. well i get about 2 $500+ ones a year and just little ones during the rest of the time from christmas and my bday!