How much did you spend on your engagement ring?

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  1. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I love it when someone else takes the biggest hit! :graucho:

    We purchased my Tiffany ring second hand. I've bought somethings new but have started to follow auctions more and more. Just got a good deal on a lovely Dior ring that I had my eye on for sometime.
  3. Does your jeweler give you cash back or the cash value of the ring towards a new purchase? Cash value towards a new ring is totally different than cash back. I'm shocked that your jeweler has a cash back whenever policy - I've never, ever heard of it. Frankly, if they can afford to do that it is probably because they have a nice markup built in.
  4. I agree with most posters that we lack sufficient information about your and future finance's financial situation. If you have 6 months of living expenses, then I think it's fine. I also personally think that the idea of upgrading is also a waste of money (not to say that one should not do it) because what would you then do with that ring? Unless it's a Tiffany where you can trade it in (or similar situation), you basically lose most of the value of the original ring as well.

    I got engaged at 25 in 2008; I think the total cost of the E-ring was around $15k. But we also had over six futures in savings. Most of my friends getting engaged at that time also had the same price range, I still love my ring, and doubt that I will upgrade. I am a bit of a romantic and love the ring that he picked by himself to ask me to start our lives together.

    Good luck OP; the biggest prize is your future husband, not your e-ring.
  5. Mine was about $12,500 I believe. In retrospect, we could and probably should have spent less. It was a bit of an impetuous purchase -- honestly, with the benefit of 9 years of hindsight, I think I would get something more discreet if I had it to do over. Not to save the money, but because I think something smaller would have actually fit my style better. For everyday wear, I often just wear my wedding band (diamond band), stacked with another band my husband bought me a few years after we were married.
  6. i was looking at the estate section at a local jewelry store and i was shocked at how affordable the estate e-rings were! when my sister's bf wants to propose (hopefully he asks for my input), i'll take him there to look first.
  7. I have always bought estate jewelry and I love it!
    With the recent high prices of gold, at a reputable jeweler there are some real bargains to be had!
    Recently replaced my original wedding set with something more discreet and purchased a few more items besides. No regrets.
  8. Chalk me up as another fan of someone else taking the hit on depreciation.

    Mr. D and I are contemplating a new diamond band for our renewal next month and I'm popping by one of my fave estate sellers tomorrow for some shopping.
  9. Update (and a propos of nothing):

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  10. UGH. It's the attack of the giant killer hand.

  11. Gorgeous!! 😍
  12. My original engagement ring (1978) was $460.00 (1/2 carat oval). My 35 year anniversary upgrade was nearly $30000.00 (2 ct. with french sides.) After 35 years why not?
  13. I'm not engaged yet, but my darling BF has taken me ring shopping.

    We were looking at rings in the 60k - 80k range.

    He's a banker with a six figure income and has four investment properties.. To be honest I'm not sure how much he has in personal savings but he seemed comfortable with the price tag?

    Whilst I understand the logic in what previous posters have said in relation to income and savings, I believe it's all up to personal preference. The ring would fit my lifestyle and wouldn't send him broke; so for us it's perfectly fine. 😊
  14. I honestly can't even being to imagine what a 60-80K ring would look like. My BFF's was 13K and it's ginormous!
  15. I think the yellow one is the best because of its setting and square shape.It also suits your finger very much.
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