How much did you spend on your engagement ring?

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  1. I agree with you completely, auctions are great place to look if you like antiques, I do and that was where I started too, you can find amazing things at really good prices, then those will most definitely hold their value, antiques actually go up in price, or, well, not only antiques but certain preowned items and then you already buy them well below retail if you are lucky or otherwise don't buy. There are other ways to save to get diamonds at really good prices, to cut out the middle men and find sources where you can buy them at close to wholesale prices. Then, if you were to go for designer things, yes a Panthere bracelet is my HG, well, those would hold their value really well. So choose carefully and do your research, everything, even real estate can be bad investment if one does not do research. Then we can all choose what we want to spend our money on. I do understand somewhat that men feel pressured that they have to buy an engagement ring, however, the history of it goes back far beyond De Beers and the idea of engagement rings was that if a man decides to not marry their fiancee the lady does not stay without anything and historically it had some validity.
  2. Exactly!!
  3. Wow. My husband got off easy. By band and solitaire were ~$1100 all together and we got an employee discount from a friend. I even asked for the smaller solitaire and he surprised me with the larger one. It's not magnificent quality or anything but I fell in love with it and that's all that mattered to me. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391554186.816297.jpg
  4. So pretty!!! :biggrin:
  5. Just wanted to say this is a very interesting discussion, and I'm glad to be able to hear you ladies' various opinions on financial responsibility, sentiment, marketing, and more. It's definitely helping me shape my perspective towards the whole engagement-ring-issue, which hopefully will come up for me in a few years :smile:
  6. :tup:

  7. Wow, very pretty and you love it and that is what matters the most!
  8. i was also reading through this thread and feeling like everyone else but me must be from some other planet.. being a 20 something with 6 figures saved is amazing. these days, doctors graduate with 6 + figure loans and having just started to make your own money, its hard not to refrain from indulging yourself once in a while. sigh, the medical route was a mistake and id recommend against it!

    now back to the topic, if you are honest that you won't be getting an upgrade, i think 9G, isn't a lot to spend on the ring. I like the white diamond over the fancy yellow, but that is your preference. congrats!
  9. Your ring is beautiful!! Did you get married a long time ago? These days you can't even find a pave setting for $1100, let alone the diamond and band too. You guys got a great buy!

  10. We have been married just shy of 5 years. We got lucky because the ring was on clearance, and a very good friend of my husband's was a manager at the jeweler so we got the employee discount.

    At the time my husband's gold band was around $250 with the discount. Two years later he lost it rafting and when we replaced it the retail was over $1000 because of the price of gold increasing. Even our discount price on both bands makes both of his rings more expensive than my whole set, which I find hilarious.
  11. My e-ring is the Tiffany Soleste, DF paid about $23,000. I asked if he tried to bargain the price and he said he did... the price of the ring went up to $25,000 by the time he decided to buy so they gave him the old price.
  12. I would love to know the specs on the ring or any pictures you have?
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    Aw thanks:P I love your cartier love! And your blog!!