How many carats is the average engagement ring?

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  1. I'm sure that the average engagement ring, if a diamond, is less than a half carat in the entire USA. The gorgeous rings we see here on TPF are not "normal" for the average person but that's why we congregate here - we love to look at, lust after, and share nice things :drool: Yes, some areas are certainly more affluent than others and maybe the average there is 1+ ct but if you take into account all of the US (geographic and socioeconomic levels) that's HUGE.
  2. I think normal is defined by your personal style. If you love big, bold jewelry, than something a little larger may suit your everyday style. Or id you are more simple than a smaller ring or something basic like a diamond band is great too.
  3. This is an interesting thread. Just to add to the mix about "it depends on where you live" - in rural BC Canada, everyone I know who is in their "mid-life" and got married 10-20 years ago has a half-carat or less. People just couldn't plunk that much money down for a big rock when they were starting out their lives and wanting to buy a house. And no one I know has ever talked about upgrading. When I broached the subject with my hubby, he got very hurt that his original ring wasn't "good enough" anymore. So I just added a bling-y anniversary band :smile:
  4. To clarify, when I wrote "normal" it was in quotes and meant average versus the overall population; nothing related to individual style. :smile:
  5. To me personally normal is what dh can afford without debt and all, that's just my personal preferences... Maybe around 1-2 weeks earnings is making sense to me, not 2-3 months.
  6. It seems like 2 carats is average among newly engaged people these days. In past generations a large stone was not as coveted as it is today!
  7. I want to buy a diamond ring for myself with something between 1 and 1.5 carats.

    Never ever more than 2 carats. I wouldnt feel confortable wearing such a big rock. if I had all the money I wanted i could buy a big rock, but wouldnt wear it everyday. and as I believe on wearing my expensive goodies, because i dont buy them to sit around inside my closet, i prefer a smaller one with better quality.
  8. This is absolutely untrue. Most newly engaged people don't have that kind of money but do have serious financial challenges ahead that take priority over a rock. To those in the market, don't let yourself get sucked in by hype, and work within your budget. There is always the rest of your lives to acquire more expensive jewelry.
  9. The average in the states I thought was around 1/3 ct. Being a luxury forum, obviously a lot of women on here are very financially endowed as are their significant others, to afford large stones. I refuse to go into debt for a ring or diamond, I upgraded mine to just over a full carat because my other got stolen, that was less than a carat. We used insurance money plus a little savings to get what we have now, and some days I strongly consider selling it to pad my savings.
  10. here in HK it depends on what circles you run in. for locals, i'd say the average is 0.5-1 carat. for expats/bankers, it's normally 2.0 +.

    i got engaged relatively early an my e-ring center stone is 1.63 RB. recently one of my gf's got engaged and she received a stunning 2.75 RB with another carat of bling on the setting. both she and her hubby-to-be are bankers so it's 'normal'. another gf got married a year before me and received a 3 ct. center stone from her banker hubby.
  11. spinoff question - what do people think the average cost is for engagement rings?

    Not the best question since there is such a HUGE range, but I hear things about 2-3 months salary being too much for an engagement ring... but then I see all these young people my age (in real life, and facebook friends) with 1.5-2.0ct rings, and I can't reconcile the disconnect between cost and salary.

    For example, I assume a well-spec'ed ring (G-H & VS2 which seems to be the sweet spot for most people, let's say Ex-Ex-Ex for all intensive purposes) in the 1.5-2.0ct range would probably cost $20-$30k. Assuming that's "3 months pay," that person would probably be earning a net salary around $120k-$150k/year, which is considered to be pretty high for people in their 20's, especially considering the high cost of living, even as a renter.

    Do you think a lot of these people are getting inherited diamonds, or dipping into their families/trusts? Or are these just poorly cut/graded diamonds and just not visible in facebook photos?

    I'm just babbling now... but I am always shocked to hear people say the 2-3 month rule is a marketing ploy and unrealistic, but then I see SO many people with huge rings that do not look milky or poorly cut. Probably no good answer but just wanted to verbalize some thoughts and questions I've been having for some time!

    edit - my question about the huge rings are not really referring to people in banking, etc. I understand that... used to work in private equity and our year-end bonuses alone were enough to pay for a huge ring. but i'm very curious about people in other professions..
  12. justpeachy4397 - love your ?
    PLEASE start a new thread to get more responses - I'd love to hear what others say!
  13. will do :smile: I also know some people are sensitive about discussing finances/$ (which I completely understand!) but I am very interested to hear people's thoughts!
  14. Absolutely not. Think more like under a half carat. :smile:

  15. Sorry about digging the grave, but I was wondering if the carat weight people talked about here were total carat weight?

    I saw a few TPFers talked about seeing most of the women in big city burb sporting 2.5 carat e-ring (when people say that, I assume the center stone is 2.5 ct) and having a hard time picturing! I need to move there ASAP!

    I used to live in Beacon Hill and worked at the Prudential/Copley complex in Back Bay and rarely saw women walking around with a 2.5-3 carat big center stone and those are ultra wealthy areas.
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