How many carats is the average engagement ring?

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  1. With regards to carats, what would you say is the average only counting The One large stone in an engagement ring? Assuming the people aren't celebrities or insanely wealthy.
  2. I would say 1.5-2 carats.
  3. ^^^ average size! No way.
    Go to a diamond website & see if they have the answer.
    It used to be 1 in 30,000 were 1 ct. The bigger the stone, the rarer it is.
  4. I would say average is around 1/2 to 1 carat..
  5. my engagement ring is a carat... and most my friends are the same or smaller...
  6. I agree, there are VERY many people to include in an average like this and of most of my friends, my "very slightly more than but pretty much 1ct" is larger than or a similar weight as what they have......I know a lot of people who have center stones weighing less than 1ct.....
  7. Ok. That makes me feel a bit better. Don't laugh ladies but I was at Costco yesterday and they have stunning jewlery!! I know it sounds suprising. I saw an incredibly beautiful 1 carat princess cut engagement ring set in platinum. The price was $4,200-something. Is that about average or more expensive than an average ring? I pointed it out to my mother and she had the biggest reaction about how couples should not clear their bank accounts on a ring in the case of an emergency and how 1 carat is excessive. Now, I've certainly never considered 1 carat excessive. I thought it was just a bit on the heavier side of average so I just wanted to get an idea. It seems so many people have 1.5 carats and such that it clouds my ideas of "average."

    I just have to mention Costco also had the bigger sister of the ring I saw! A 2.0-something carat princess cut set in platinum!!! It was stunningly beautiful!! I believe the price tag was $18k to 20k.
  8. I'd say average is around 1ct, give or take. It's hard to tell if a diamond is reasonably priced just based on the carat weight. You'd need to look at the other 3 Cs too.
  9. I'd say 1 ct or less. My original engagement ring is a 3/4 ct marquise solitare. I'm getting ready to upgrade, but I want no larger than a 1 - 1.5 ct solitaire. $4200 sounds kind of low for a 1 ct solitaire in platinum, but I don't know anything about princess cut stones. The round stones I've been looking at cost quite a bit more than $4200.
  10. From a Jeweler's perspective.... It's very much a regional thing. For example, in the midwest it's 1/2 carat-1 carat average.

    In NYC it's 1.5 -2 carat. I hope that helps!
  11. it's hard for people not to get a little warped about where they're living. . .
    My 1.5 center stone looks small compared to most ladies in my area, but I KNOW this isn't an 'average' area.
    I'd say average is .5 to 1 carat as well.
    In my area, 2 carats are common but I see much larger on a ver regular basis.
  12. hmmm...mines 3 carats.....but maybe more like 1 carat is the average?
  13. The average size stone is actually 75 points (0.75 ct). Costco has some really good prices on diamonds, their buyers buy alot therefore their prices are awesome. But I don't care for their settings. I prefer a setting with substantial amounts of gold or platinum. Costco's settings are thin therefore lower in price. I would buy from Costco just for the diamond and reset the stone.
  14. Hah! No kidding, go to the Galleria on any Saturday, you'll be blinded by the bling!:rolleyes: Certainly Houston, where there's a BMW in every driveway, isn't an average area.

    Another thought: How many of those big rocks are the original engagement ring? My real ER was less than a half carat, but ten years and two children later I was rewarded for putting up with him (just kidding, I worship the ground he walks on:yes: ) with a gorgeous carat and a quarter.

    Anyway, I'm betting there are an awful lot of first rings between 25 and 50 points and that many people upgrade after they became more financially comfortable.

  15. ITA

    Mine is still teh original, it started as a 1.5 carat princess on a skinny little band as he was scared to choose the setting w/o me, we quickly chose the setting and it has about 8 baquettes lined up on either side - but that's all my original ER/WR.
    But we're upgrading very soon, this year is our 8 yr, I'm upgrading at 10 yrs.