How many bags over 1k

All my bags are $1K or more, factoring in tax. And they're worth it. The cheaper bags I buy I just don't end up using. Also, bags have to earn their keep in my closet: if they're not being worked into the rotation, they end up getting sold.
Some of my bags are over $1K, that's why I usually buy only 2 or 3 bags a year. I do have three young children and they always come first. I would give up all my bags for their well being. Thank goodness life has been good ... I don't always get all the bags I want but I do get an occasional few (ie. birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas).
I buy most of my bags from Paris, since my brother lives there and my family shuttle between there and Singapore. Here's a list of French prices for comparison in case you have a friend going there and you want them to bring something back for you. I bought them, so I know. Hope it helps:

Large brown YSL Muse: 945 euros in Paris, S$1930 in Singapore.
Large powder Celine Clandestine: 1400 euros
Dark brown Fendi Spy bag: 1475 euros
Full leather medium B.Fendi: 1300 euros
Calfskin Celine boogie bag: 700 euros

Take the amount above and minus 12% VAT. That's the actual price you pay for the purse.
Just one - the Tod's I just got today and started a thread on!!:love:

I don't think I will be doing it too often, though. Not with the cost of living in Hawaii and two daughters! But then again, like jewelry, they can be passed down to them!!:P