How many bags over 1k

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  1. How many bags of yours are over $1000. DO you think it's worth it. I sometimes sit back and think, Wow one bag could pay someone's rent for a month or more (depending on where they live). Or I could go on a shopping spree at target or somethin. etc. But in the end, my purse obsession still wins. thus why I have 5 bags over 1000 dollars.
  2. none. i'm obsessed with purses but i can't justify spending that much on a purse. yet.
    my price limit has increased over the years, so this might change.
  3. None so far, but I only have one in the collection. As soon as I am able I hope to add at least two (a B-bag and a Chloe). I tried yesterday, but NM cancelled my order due to lack of stock :sad: poop.
  4. Most, if not all of my bags are over $1000 or near there give or take a hundred or so. Its not that I dont want less expensive bags necessarily, just the ones that I find come with that price tag. Definitely worth it!
  5. Well...for me it's worth it. Though, I wish they weren't so pricey!
  6. Well when you get your chloe and bbag then you'll have bags over 1k. !
  7. If we're doing this is US $, then yes, I have one. Thinking that it could cover rent is kind of :weird:, so I just pretend it isn't true. :shame:
  8. I have three over 1K but they were worth it to me. I try not to think about the fact that I could pay my mortgage for four months with what I spent on them.
  9. NOne, though my total $$ of all my bags exceeds that for sure. I have found that price doesn't make a whole lot of difference in quality. I would if I wouldn't feel so much guilt afterward though. I guess with family, house, etc., I can't justify even what I spend now.
  10. I have quite a few. I treat others well, and I have no problem treating myself good too.
  11. I have 4 bags that are in the $300.00 - $500.00 dollar range then ONE balenciaga $1,300.00 and soon to be one Chloe edith $1,300.00 - both of my high end bags I plan on using for years though. To me it's an investment. If I use them for the next 2 or 3 years everyday - then it's money well spent.
  12. Two :nuts: I think it's worth it if I love the bag, and if I know I'll use it a lot.
  13. I have two: 1) Guccissima top handle bag and 2) LV cerise Sac Plat.

    I'm holding on to a chalk MJ Ursula Elise that's $1,050--but I'm not a 100% sure I'll keep it. It's funny--if the bag was $895, I'm sure I'd keep it, but the fact that it's $155 more makes me more cautious than normal... Then I started looking at Chanel flap bags...

    I've decided that I can't do a bag that hits $2k--that's really tough for me.
  14. i've got 6. it's worth it!
  15. I have a few.:wacko: Sometimes I look at them and think "There sits my new SONY flat screen TV!":lol: :lol: :lol: