How do you tell a friend.......

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  1. Aww... Slimer? That's so cute!! :love:
  2. If the style makes her happy then just let her be happy with it. It's what she likes that counts. Unless she asks for your opinion about her clothing for an important party or event, then I'll tell her my honest opinion. Sometimes one girl's "trash" is another girl's "treasure."
  3. I think so, too :lol: I didn't appreciate the paddy comment much :suspiciou
  4. Seriously your friend makes over a million dollars a year and buys her bags from Wal-mart, she's not one of Sam Walton's kids is she?

    Let's hope that she puts that money to some good causes as she's not into fashion.
  5. i think that you should always tell the truth.
    i always do, i sound terrible sometimes but i can't lie. if i lie, you ca clearly see it
  6. If she asks my opinion, I'll be honest. Otherwise, I would not say anything. From what you have this her particular style for sometime or just this one off project?

    If she were a very close and dear friend and we are out shopping, I'd suggest she try some bags and tell her how the bags flatter her more than what she's using in a non offensive way.

    By the way, has anyone heard of Anteprima? They have a line of bags called Plastiq. It's made of some kind of special woven/crocheted plastic material and the bags are very nice. They are very exquisite and much sought after. But you can never find them at Wal-mart!

    check it out at
    Let me know what you think. Was your friend trying to make her bag look like the Plastiq bags?

    best regards
  7. Has anyone considered telling a friend to stop buying fakes? If so, what's a good way to do so?

    One of my friends, I love her to death, will keep buying fakes to "save" money. But here's the thing... she pays maybe a couple hundred under retail for a $2000 bag!!!! I want to tell her that she's wasting her money. Moral repercussions aside, if she's going to buy the bag, why not buy a cheaper fake, than paying $1500 on an expensive fake that is fake nonetheless?

    Does this make any sense? Please help
  8. I will say it again and again. Money can't buy class or good taste. Its a stab in the heart to hear her going to Walmart with her income. But, To each his own.