How do you tell a friend.......

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  1. that the bag she is using should be against the law! Im probably going to sound like the worst friend in the world but man does she need some help on handbags. She makes 7 digits a year and went to Wal-Mart for her georgeous new, crochet, sort of plastic, kind of strappy thing that hangs to her knees. :sick: To top it off she came home and hot glued irradecent rhinestones on it. All over the strap too! And to add that special touch, she left the hot glue strings all over her new bag. :amazed: GEEESE, do I let this go, or fess up and tell her what I really think when she so proudly asks "How do you like"?:Push:
  2. I am blunt - I expect people to be honest with me and I in turn am honest with them.

    Remember there are two ways to say something, the rude way and the constructive way.

    There is never a good time for "bedazzling"; tread lightly and good luck. :blink:
  3. i have a friend that bought a satchel made out of seafoam organza with mini reindeer bells hanging all over it. it was kind of speedy 25-sized and shaped.

    i told her the truth: it was not my taste, but if she liked it, she should be proud of it no matter what anyone says.
  4. :sick: OOOOOOHHHH Pretty! :Push:
  5. LMAO

    That bag would give me a headache!
  6. I always get that. I just say (it's not me). They get the point ;)
  7. Unless she asks for your opinion on her handbags, I would keep my mouth shut.

    What's the harm, after all? These handbags certainly aren't hindering her seven-figure-a-year career!
  8. I usually don't tell my friends that something looks like crap if I know they would be upset by it. I am honest, but I also don't want to ruin a person's day, some of my friends wouldn't care at all but I know some would !
  9. I would just say "It's not for me" and leave it at that. The only time I'm blunt-honest with people is when I go shopping for clothes with them, and they try something on and ask for my opinion. If it looks bad and is very unflattering, I'll say it. I can't stand it when people think something looks good on them, but it really doesn't. In return, I expect the same honesty from my friends. I usually get it :P

    My cousin hates most of my bags. She says my paddington looks like an "old, wrinkly lady" and that my Balenciaga looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. The Slimer nickname has stuck :lol:
  10. I am curious to see her creation...hehe. You can't tell her much if she feels so passionate about her modified bags. Maybe look for a similar but good looking bag and recommend to her like hey I saw a bag similar to yours with great leather, structure and better rhinestones, you should go check it out since you like this style.
  11. for me-if i don't like her creation then i would be honest and tell her that i don't like her bag because it's just not for me. (that is if she ask me what i think of it. ) but i wouldn't tell her to stop using it or anything because it seem like she really like her bag and that's good for her.:biggrin:
  12. Ditto. I am outspoken but could never hurt my friends feelings. What is good for them just isn't good for me.
  13. Well, put. I agree with serendipity3kb. I try to be as honest as possible with my friends, but sometimes, it's better to keep my mouth shut...unless they directly as me an opinion. At that point, if there is something that she is wearing or carring that is really awful, I try to say in a non-offensive way.
  14. i really think that this is the best policy. i would never lie to her and tell her i loved it when i didn't because i respect her more than that, and there's also no reason to be snide about it, because if she loves it, what do i care? the only stake i have in the whole thing is the happiness of my friend, after all.
  15. well, i honestly think if your friend likes the bag that she purchased, good for her! its fine if you don't like it but tell her your honest opinion without sounding like a purse snob...who knows she probably prefers to spend her money elsewhere?