How do you take care of yours LV?

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  1. Hoiw could I have forgotten about Shining Monkey! It is the best!
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  2. Ooops, sorry for the double post :smile:
  3. I've heard great things about Shining Monkey and I plan to order some asap!
  4. I used monkey shine ...I heard the person who owns that place is a HOTTIE LOL(don't tell my hubby I said that LOL)
    My hubby used it on his Hummer (the leather)I spilled red wine in the car and the monkey shine got it out.THAT STUFF IS THE BOMB.....
    Plus I use M.E. on my bags.:shame:
  5. Definitely go for the Shining Monkey spray! I've sprayed all of my bags with it (and all of my Uggs, too) and it's incredible. In fact, this reminds me that I need to order another can...
  6. Please excuse the dumb question but can you use the Shining Monkey if there are already watermarks on the bag or if it is already a little tiny bit dirty? What does this product do?
  7. I never really bothered with caring for my bags, but I recently purchased some Apple Garde cleaner and conditioner to clean my dog's LV collar. The vachetta on that is so dirty! Some of the handles on my bags have been getting dirty too, so after I clean them off, I plan to spray it with Shining Monkey to keep it clean :biggrin: It's supposed to be less greasy/messy than the Apple Garde spray.
  8. I believe it's a leather & fabric protector. If your bag has watermarks you'll want to try to even them out before spraying it with fabric protector.

    Essentially, the Shining Monkey is supposed to protect your bag from water and dirt, etc.
  9. Hmm I would have to try this. I wonder if they would ship to Canada :idea:
  10. So what's the best product to get watermarks out of the leather?
  11. Thank you all once're soooo nice!!!:shame: