How do you take care of yours LV?

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  1. Hello! :biggrin: What do you use :blink:?? In particular i'd like to make a very dark spot on the interior of my CB PTI look clearer and,if possible,make the vachetta leather impermeable. I've heard about some sold on line,but i'm not sure if they would ship to Italy...
    Thanx a lot!! :shame:
  2. ummmm i dont take care of my stuff. i thrash it. lol. i squeeze every last penny out of these guys. my panda keyring has so many rainspots/water spots on it, you'd swear it's a tanning cheetah! hahahaha.

    the only "care" i give my stuff is a good wipe down with a soft cloth and distilled water for the canvas on my messenger and agendas and any other canvas. but that's it.

    i'm sure none of that helped. lol. sorry!
  3. Hi,

    There are many things like Apple Gaurd, MoneySnine, Leather CPR, Saddle Soap etc to clean and condition LV. To clean vachetta you can also try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser but you have to careful what and where you use it. Plus With Mr. Clean Magic Eraser the leather dries out so you have to condition it afterwards.
  4. I use apple conditioner and apple guard mostly; but I will break out the saddle soap to even out water spots.
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  5. I spray it with Shining Monkey as soon as I get it. I am getting the apple conditioner and magic eraser for the handles.
  6. Thank you all for these great advices!:idea: Do these products make the vachetta look darker? I'm one of the few who likes the vachetta without patina....Thanx again everybody,you're always helpful!:amuse:
  7. Many many thanx to you too Frozen!!You're very nice and funny!!:lol:
  8. In my experience, shining monkey is the best stuff ever to protect your leather and suede. You can find it at
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  9. ^^ I didn't notice any discoloration with the product.
  10. Thanx a lot,i'll try! :biggrin:
  11. I haven't found anything that will keep the vachetta light, although I would love to! I don't mind it dark on some bags but the white mc would look so much nicer with the light vachetta. Wilson's leather protector also works well to protect against water spots. Once you get them you can use saddle soap or neatsfoot oil to even the vachetta out, but both of these do darken the leather. For spots inside your bag on the alacantra, you can use a tiny bit of woolite detergent or similar gentle detergent to lighten it even if it won't dissappear completely.
  12. I clean my vachetta handles w/ Wilson leather conditioner, followed by the rain protectant spray. I only use Magic Eraser on dirty spots followed by the conditioner, of course. I discourage the use of the ME unless you have very dirty handles. Also, all my bags are always kept in its dustbag (I'm a bit anal, I

    ETA: I also tried Shining Monkey on my Neo Speedy w/ great results! You should try it!
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  13. I have found that there is NOTHING better under the sun than Shining Monkey!!
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  14. I've just ordered this, I'm going to try it on my bags. I can't wait!:biggrin:
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  15. I always use Shining Monkey on my LV bags. HTH
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