Tory Burch How do you feel about Tory Burch?

I really like the designs and i might buy the Fleming bag but the posts about quality make me nervous, can you tell me what specifically was bad about the quality?
I don’t own any TB bags but I was looking through some on EBay today. I noticed that a couple had piping that had broken away at the corner and one where the leather was completely torn away at a back-side zipper. These could have been victims of extreme accidents, though. Or very careless owners.
I have three TB bags. First a Robinson double zip tote in black, A Kira Single flap in black, and an alligator embossed box bag of which name I cannot remember. So far, after a few years the wear is very good. I baby my bags. I loved the design of the kira so much I purchased a YSL Loulou and the Robinson double zip tote made me commit to getting a Prada Galleria Double Zip.

They seem quite sturdy. I like to have the option of carrying the Tory's because they are my workhorses. Sometimes the situation calls for a contemporary bag versus a premium designer. I have her boots as well and they are good quality. They hold up pretty well when worn in a cold Pittsburgh winter.

These bags allowed me to see if a certain style worked with my lifestyle. I still will hold onto them for as long as they last. :heart:
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I am a fan of Tory B. I have a silk dress that I have had since 2017 and it always draws compliments. I just got a pair of the good luck trainers and they are very comfortable and stylish. I have had small bright pink Robinson shoulder bag in a Saffiano leather for over 8 years, which I have worn a lot. Whilst it is showing that wear, it is still doing well considering. I didn't exactly baby it. I once stopped and bought a pair of their ballet flats on a day out as my heels were hurting too much! They are always soft and comfy. I really like their new monogram bucket bags in store. I think their pricing is fair and you get a very good quality product and, generally, service. The one bag collection I am not so keen on is the Lee Radziwill, as for me it's just a little too close to the Kelly, but that's just my opinion! So, I'd say go for it :biggrin:
Tory Burch hasn't been on my radar until recently. I'm at a place in my life where I can't justify the prices of certain luxury bags that I like the look of (*cough* LV Pochette Metis *cough* YSL College Bag) and after searching around for similar looks from contemporary brands, I came across the Kira Top Handle Satchel and thought that it was a great looking alternative at a much more reasonable price. I'm hoping that my husband took my not so subtle hint and got me one for Mother's Day!