hi! my name is...can you help me find this MJ?

  1. here's my wishlist:

    • black sweet punk sid
    • brown ginny
    • berry alyona that's not $1200
    • graphite venetia

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    Sweet Punk
    (any color/any style)


    Black, Violet, Turquoise Green, Colorblock, Orange
  3. Here's to wishful thinking and wonderful Purse :ninja:s
    * MbMJ Moto Proto zag hobo in the grey-ish color
    * MJ small stardust single in black or red
    * MJ OSSIE :drool:
    * MJ Kate
    Thanks Guys!!
  4. Here are mine!

    St. Marks something - preferably the Killer in black
    Baby Stam
    Sweet Punk pouch/clutch
    Graphite Amy
  5. At the moment, i'm feeling pretty content, but if one of these babies came along, i would be interested in snatching it up...

    Turquoise Little Lou
    Bordeaux or Grey St. Marks Hobo
    Rockabilly in black
  6. I think by now u all know what Im looking for..

    :heart::heart::heart::heart: Stam in Safran :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  7. Aack..I'd like to add S/S 08 NEON FUSHIA STAM
  8. Hi, my name is Amy and I would LOVE a stella, pocket satchel or blake in the old peacock color, used is ok as long as it's in good condition! =)
  9. Hi my name is Linda and I am also content ATM but would love a black quilted small Cecilia if one was available at a great price. =)
  10. Hi my name is Jessica and I'm looking for an older Blake in Ferrari or a really red RED color in great condition
  11. Hi, I am Havana27. I too am content ATM. However, if either of these two beauties should make an appearance at a decent price, I would snatch 'em up!

    Black Python Karen
    Red Blake with Python Trim

  12. fett would like a small black dr. q hillier.
  13. Anteaterquaker is looking for
    MJ chervon caroline in black large size ( same as June's wish list)
    Mj quilted zip around wallet in deep red ( if it exists)
  14. hola :biggrin: my name's traunit...

    Here's my wishlist:

    Stam (Black or a neutral color)
    Baby Stam ( Black or neutral color)
    MbMJ Baby Groove in grey