hi! my name is...can you help me find this MJ?

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  1. since there's so many new threads on gals looking for certain bags i thought we could lump them together into one thread, to keep the forum a lil cleaner and things a bit more organized. hope this helps! and remember girls, put that bag in your signature and we'll be on the lookout :winkiss:
  2. darkchillove~ looking for a hillier in faded aluminum

    natarina~ hillier in grape

    cmonkey02~ pixie in orange
  3. douzz is looking for a faded aluminum hillier too.
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    Miss Evy is looking for a good deal on:

    Stardust Purple Cecilia
    Stardust Black Cecilia
    Stardust LZW (Purple?)

  5. cmonkey02 ~ tribal pixie crossbody pouch
  6. Awesome idea, june!!!!

    I am looking for a Sweet Punk Debbie - - hopefully in Black (ha ha - dream on, you crazy dreamer, you!!), but would certainly consider other colors as well!

    I am also totally delusional in wishing for a R06 Punk Color Block Nancy like Spacey just scored..... :lolots:

    The proverbial needles in a haystack, but a girl can dream...... :P
  7. ^ crazy or not, that's what this thread is for :flowers:
  8. hi my name is june and im looking for a good deal on a
    *green or blue safety pin clutch (like tads)
    * a large black chevron caroline bag (yes, still :P )
    * a sweet punk pouch,( any color but preferably bisque, black or fluo violet)
    *navy stefani bag
  9. good price on:
    Embossed Phyton Misfit with Gold HW
    Jumbo waves Bruna or Kasia or Wrath (in that particular order!)
  10. Great idea June!

    Looking for good deals on:
    - Paradise Flat Case (Tan, Purple, or Black)
    - Little Stam in Black (regular quilted leather, not embossed python)
  11. thank you for remembering me sneezz:hugs:
  12. This is such an excellent idea! Thanks for thinking of it, june! It was getting difficult to keep everyone's wishlists straight with all of the new threads lately.
  13. I'm Andrea
    I really really want a Bruna in Black or Grey for cheapish.
    and a life outside work :lolots:
  14. Oooh, i am really really wanting a quilted oui messenger in purple or dark grey for a reasonable price!
  15. muggles would like a stef bag, any color! Shes not picky!