Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. Thanks Bag-terfly! I ran a search prior to my post but nothing came up. Must be the limited capabilities of a smart phone. :smile: Will look again from a real computer.
  2. Bag-terfly you look amazing!!! I also love your Louboutins! =)
  3. Lovedresses, Thanks for your sweet comment! Aw, you revealed my other obsession :blush:
  4. Hi Dolls. Have any of you worn a Herve Leger Bandage in Hot weather? I imagine it would not be a good idea but I was going to wear a short bandage dress to a wedding and the weather is looking to be 90. Can anyone let me know if the dress will be hot? Or any advice? Thanks!
  5. ^Is the wedding outside? If so, in 90 degree temps, I'd probably not wear an HL because the material is quite heavy/thick.
  6. Yes the ceremony is at 10:00am so it may be 85 or so. It is outside but the reception is under a tent.
  7. ^In that case, I would not wear an HL, especially considering that the wedding and reception are both outside, where you will have no relief from the heat. I've been to an outdoor wedding before in an HL and although the weather was decent, I still got hot.
  8. I wouldn't think it would be so bad... It's certainly not going to be as cool as a flowy dress, but I've never found them to be particularly warm. Just my opinion tho.
  9. Me either. I would wear one.
  10. lovely combinations the dresses look stunning on you :smile:
  11. I may have got something from the sale - I'm still waiting on confirmation. If I did, I'll post pics when it arrives:smile:
  12. So mysterious... ;) so curious now haha!
  13. Ok great! The wedding is formal but afterwards the bride has asked people to bring a change of clothes to do some outdoor events so I think I will wear the dress and bring a cute summer dress for later if it gets too hot. Thank you so much for the advice!
  14. ^You didn't mention that the wedding was "formal" - I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing an HL to a formal wedding, but to each their own. Have a good time at the wedding. Sounds like the bride has some fun things planned:smile:
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    Hi ladies,

    Have you ever seen this style IRL? I've seen it in several pictures but never in stores or worn by a celeb so I was wondering if HL designs some dresses just for the runway but never retail them?
    The dress is from SS2009