Hermes Windows Around the World MASTER THREAD!!!

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  1. Bienvenu dans la plus belle ville du monde Hermezzy!!! Good weather forecast for the next few days. The Gods (including Hermes) are smiling down on you. Don't go overboard though, leave some stock for others
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  2. LOL
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  3. Here are some more:
    Thank you so much @rougeh! I added a lot of interior shots from today in the Paris Trip thread in Hermes Shopping- it was a wonderful time. I won't forget it...

    Wasn't that thing incredible!? I'd love to just wander around the workshops/craftspeople who make these one-off pieces for a week.

    Thank you! :smile:

    Hahaha!!! Deal! Today and tomorrow are list-building days...Friday is decision/purchase day. Even though the FSH is truly incredible, I realized that I'm at the point that I'm focused more on highly specific things than big hauls. I can thank tPF for helping me refine likes/dislikes over the years...among other things! :smile:
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  4. Lovely photos !!! I wonder if the oversized bags are strategically placed in the shop windows to avoid the theft that has been going on in Paris like what happened with the truck that drove into Chanel. As I can see, a lot of Kelly bags are made for display in odd sizes that are not saleable.
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  5. I love the tall kellys and the stretched kelly cut. So beautiful.
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  6. Wonderful set of pictures. Any close-ups of silver
    Many thanks for this extraordinary set of pictures. Do enjoy your trip and show ups what you get, Hermezzy!
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  7. Amsterdam, Bijenkorf location

    Amsterdam, PC Hooftstraat location
  8. Hermes El Corte Ingles Madrid