Hermes Windows Around the World MASTER THREAD!!!

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    This was Boston's Christmas Window
  3. IMG_1481966711.672053.jpg
    Some amazing bags and accessories at FSH in December
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  4. Hong Kong in late November
  5. Every time I walk pass by Hermès store, I always stun by how gorgeous their window display. Show me your fave!
    IMG_0189.JPG IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0628.JPG
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  6. Nuremberg again.
  7. From KLIA airport last month

  8. The store in Thailand when I was visiting my family IMG_1488241769.348162.jpg IMG_1488241781.374515.jpg IMG_1488241789.242034.jpg IMG_1488241802.903396.jpg
  9. Yes, @ Siam Paragon
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  10. Well, everyone I made it to Paris! I arrived a little later than I was hoping, due to a 5 hr delay in Iceland, but it actually turned out ok - even though the FSH was closed by the time I got there it gave me a perfect opportunity to take some window pics without any problems. The street is dead tonight- very, very quiet. I can't wait to go inside tomorrow! I'm planning on starting farther east on Rue St. Honore, with Moynat and Goyard, so by the the time I reach the FSH the line should be gone. Hope you enjoy the pics- there are some pretty special, incredible pieces here (no doubt display, since the most unique ones didn't have a price tag displayed in the window)....lots of HUGE, oversized bags!

    Sorry for the dark pics- it is about 11pm here right now...did the best I could w/my iphone 7+

    GetFileAttachment-32.jpg GetFileAttachment-28.jpg GetFileAttachment-23.jpg GetFileAttachment-12.jpg GetFileAttachment-18.jpg GetFileAttachment-31.jpg GetFileAttachment-20.jpg GetFileAttachment-21.jpg
    GetFileAttachment-25.jpg GetFileAttachment-15.jpg
  11. Have a grand time!! The memories will be with you for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures.
    Can't wait to see what you bring home.
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    Great pics Hermezzy! Saw the same windows last week but my pics were not good due to the sunshine so I'm happy that you posted yours. My favourite bag was the BB Kelly cut with guilloche hw ️ Have a safe and good trip
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  13. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! Hope you are enjoying Paris now!!! Looking forward to your stories!!
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