Hermès "wildlife" sightings ~ continued

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  1. Ooh ooh I am so excited..my first wildlife post!! A Lindy, in Blue Electric, I think. And of all places.. on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley! I followed her into a store and was nervously trying to take this picture..sorry so blurry

  2. OMG......
  3. The witch charm is adorable!
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  4. Perfect color for a Cal student!
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  5. I spent my birthday in Tokyo and had this amazing picture taken outside the Robot Restaurant. On closer inspection, there's an Evelyne! IMG_0853.JPG IMG_0856.JPG
  6. BA9E4B02-DF16-4117-A9C5-794B2E1AB922.jpeg F660B274-F6EA-4BFA-AD1F-FD6EB8026C57.jpeg Just a few more Paris
  7. This is true..didn’t think of that. Hrmph..I sure didn't carry H when I was a student:amuse:
  8. This picture is adorable! Happy Belated Birthday! Great shot of you and good eye seeing that Evie in the background!
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  9. On Telegraph! That is unusual. I work in Berkeley and would love to see more wild sightings.
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  10. You’re so good !!
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  11. Looks like a lot of people are into the Halloween spirit. I better bring out my bat charm tomorrow.
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  12. Sometimes I see H scarves at donor events..but bags, that was a first. Pretty thrilling!
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  13. Didn't get a great photo, but it was a great bag! TPM GP with a strap!
  14. 4996931F-9426-4E82-9F49-363EFBA67A59.jpeg
    JPG 2? I think! In etoupe, the height looked no taller than my B30 but I think the handle drop is longer. I saw lots of absolutely beautiful H bags in Paris but just wasn’t brave enough (or quick enough!) to get them!
  15. Good eye, and Awooo looks amazing on you!! Happy Birthday!
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