Hermès Petit H

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  1. Price in Euro for future reference.

    Basket in wicker, Niloticus crocodile skin and calfskin
    Basket in wicker, Niloticus crocodile skin and calfskin.
    Hand, elbow or shoulder carry.
    Dimensions: L 29 x H 27 (not including handles) / H 47 (including handles) x D 15 cm
    Ref. H1097808 02
    5 600,00 €

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  2. This is adorable. I got the ribbon but no little animal. They did include perfume which i never got with a petit h before. Any know the name of the colors
  3. I didn't see the cute tortoise when I ordered a couple of hours ago so he may have gone already
  4. Maybe you got the perfume instead of the little animal. How considerate!
    Also, love your snowman, so cute
  5. So hard to figure out the colors. I am not even going to try LOL. Love the snowman charm though.
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  7. Wow, love them! Did you see any heart charms? And if you don't mind, maybe you can tell us a bit about the pop-up so that we can live vicariously through you! Thanks in advance :flowers:
  8. OMG I love it and those colors go so well together [emoji179]
  9. Including prices from Japan.

    Calfskin tortoise charm

    Calfskin tortoise charm with silk twill cord (100% silk).
    To be hung on the handle of a bag or on a keyring.
    Dimensions: 15.5 x 9 cm
    Color : blue/green/turquoise
    Ref. H1070048 40
    Color : fuchsia red pink
    Ref. H1070048 41
    £225.00 / 250,00 € / ¥47,520

    Sorcerer charm GM
    Dimensions: 9.5×10 cm
    Color: Natural black
    Ref. H1053038 43

    Calfskin horse charm

    Two-tone calfskin horse charm with silk twill cord (100% silk).
    To be hung on the handle of a bag or on a keyring.
    Dimensions: 14 x 9 cm
    Color : fuchsia pink red
    Ref. H1199088 41
    Color: Blue green
    Ref. H1199088 40
    £225.00 / 250,00 € / ¥47,520

    Bracelet en veau
    Ref. H1062248 41

    Bracelet en soie et veau
    Ref. H1062258 41

    Silk Shopping bag
    Hermes shopping bag (100% silk). Measures 15" x 12.3", strap measures 9"
    Color : blue/green/turquoise
    Ref. H1062538 40
    Color : fuchsia pink red
    Ref. H1062538 41
    $550.00 / ¥92,880

    Accroche sac en alligator
    Dimensions: 8.5 cm×12.5 cm×0.5 cm
    Ref. H1013738 40

    Accroche sac en chèvre
    Dimensions: 8.5 cm×12.5 cm×0.5 cm
    Ref. H1013718 40

    Accroche sac en veau
    Dimensions: 8.5 cm×12.5 cm×0.5 cm
    Ref. H1013728 41

    Pochette A4 feutre et veau
    Dimensions: 34×23.5 cm
    Ref. H1060178 40

    Leather and silk bracelet
    Ref. H1062008 82

    Leather and lizard bracelet
    Hermes soft leather bracelet with lizard detail. Diameter: 6 cm.
    Color : blue green
    Ref. H1062108 54
    $500.00 / ¥85,320

    Leather and porosus crocodile bracelet
    Diameter: 6 cm.
    Ref. H1062308 41

    Hippo card holder
    Ref. H1033838 40

    Silk blouse
    Hermes women's silk twill blouse (100% silk)
    One size
    Shoulder width: 15.7", length 28.3"
    Color : blue/green/purple
    Ref. H1059268 40
    Color : red, pink, orange
    Ref. H1059268 41
    $1,125.00 / ¥133,920

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  10. Silk Bag
    Base Dimensions: 22 cm×22 cm
    Height: 53 cm
    Ref. H1202058 40

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  11. Hi there, did you happen to see any gingerbread men? TIA!
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  12. Thank you, yodaling!! :flowers:
  13. Me too. I'm dying for a gingerbread man. Heehee.
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