Help~~~,my Cartier love Bangle

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  1. Oh I havn´t seen this one! Interesting!
  2. the colored stones are so pretty
  3. How do you think the stones would hold up with daily wear? I know that opals and pearls are quite fragile. I'm kind of klutzy and can see myself banging it on occassion, especially if worn on right wrist. Do you think these type of stones are strong?
  4. hiyas.. i would say yes as the stones are embedded into the braclet they are not raised like the screws are.. ill take some pics tonight and post them here
  5. Did you know that this bracelet is expected to come out in rose gold? I think about it everyday! Too much free time!
  6. Oh really? Drool drool.... I love rose gold!

  7. I love the gemstones version!!
  8. I agree but that's just me!
  9. I love it! I just got the YG plain one for Vday this year and I havent taken if off since DH put it on me :love: I love my bracelet! I LOVE the stones, so pretty!
  10. what a beautiful bracelet! i love it, i say go for it!
  11. y why did you mention this??!! now ill want that one too!!! hehehe
  12. Post a pix when you get it please:drool::tup:
  13. Baby Boo - I think you have the semiprecious stones bangle in yellow gold. Are you still enjoying it and wearing everyday? It is a beautiful bracelet.
  14. Been thinking about this bracelet a lot again. I most likely will do plain YG Love bangle. I'm wishing for late Sept-early Oct. But whenever I plan for something like a j12 or rolex, I change color or size at the last minute! I don't know why. I was totally set on black j12 and then got white. On the Love bangle, I've been going back and forth between semiprecious and plain YG. Watch - I'll probably end up with WG!

  15. THEN WHY NOT....!