Help~~~,my Cartier love Bangle

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  1. #1 Nov 30, 2008
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008

    I've been to Cartier today, and saw one special Love Bangle... it's about 10K AUD

    It is the yellow gold with color stones, the SA said this piece is really hard to find, does anyone think I should get it?

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  2. i really like it and i dont really like the love line or coloured stones much, but the price is hard to swallow IMHO how would you wear it? i think the love bracelets are very impractical unless you plan to basically have it affixed to you wrist and let it grow to an extention of you. but i belive the SA in that imagine it will be hard to get again
  3. i saw that a while ago when i was in the store, i love it!
  4. WOW, it is beautiful! I would get it, if I could. So if you really like it and can spend this amount of money on it, why not?
  5. Yes I would get it. I had seen it a while ago and it is really beautiful. I love the love line and the colored stones!
  6. Yes, i would get it too. I think its beautiful! If you can spare the cash buy it! I dont think its a piece you will regret.
  7. To be honest, I prefer the one with diamonds over this.. it's stunning, but I just think with all white stones, it looks a little cleaner !
  8. ^^I agree, i like the diamond version one better, elegant and classic!!
  9. :heart: I prefer the diamond version too!!!!
  10. I prefer the diamond version as well. However I think the Cartier LOVE bracelet is a classic and if you can afford the 10K price tag than I don't think you'll regret this purchase.
  11. thank u all~~~~~

    I just made my order today, there is no size 16 avalilable in Oz, so I have to pay the depoist and wait 3-4 months..

  12. the diamonds are realy stunning, but I like something colorful...hah
  13. It's beautiful! Since my style's pretty simple, I'd wear it to add a bit of color ^_^

    The diamond version is just as beautiful, too, so you can't go wrong either way.
  14. It is a really unique piece and I love it.

    I agree it is hard to find - I check out Cartier a lot and I haven't seen it in the shops! The love bracelets with diamonds are always going to be available - go for this one if you really like it.
  15. its gorgeous.

    I am one for the screws though. I would get half stone half screws.