Help me decide pls? 30cm or 32 hac.....

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  1. I say keep the HAC you can stuff more in the 2 cm that you get.

    Hopefully you return it before the date expires so you get your store credit.
  2. hi jedimaster! i got the blacks one after the other. i got the 3ocm first on a friday, went back saturday and the 32cm hac was available. diff SA's though :smile:
  3. So glad those bags went to a tPF babe! The bags are very different. The 30 is more casual because it' fjord and has PH. I happen to have a 32 HAC in black fjord with GH (also from Wall Street), and it looks pretty dressy to my eye,, and it;s not even chevre.

    Keep the one you will use the most. 32's are harder to come by, but ultimately you should keep the one you will use!
  4. Even though I have a 30cm togo with pall and I really love it , I think I would tell you to keep the chevre HAC as it is harder to find. You will always be able to find the 30cm Birkin.
  5. Keep the 30
  6. HAC!:tup: