Help me decide pls? 30cm or 32 hac.....

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  1. Hi guys! I bought 2 black bags at wall st last week. a 30cm black birkin in fjord, PH and a 32cm HAC black in chevre with GH!
    can you suggest which one i should keep? and why? I dont have a black hermes bag yet.
    this will be my 1st 30cm or 1st 32cm hac
    thanks guys! :smile:
  2. you know you can only return for store credit?
  3. As a first bag I would keep the 30. More versatile in my eyperience.
  4. I would keep the 30cm because I love fjord leather in daily use. Also phw is what I prefer... The 30cm Birkin is a true classic. You can't go wrong with it!

    That said, I have to admit that the HAC sounds delightful! HAC can be more difficult to find again in the case you would regret selling it.. I tend to carry lots of things in my Birkins, so HAC is great for that.

    Keep both!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  5. is it harder to find hac than a 30cm birkin? also, can i return in Beverly Hills even if I bought the bag at wall st.? wont it be hard for me to buy a bag if i return it for store credit co'z they might tink i will just return again? :sad:
  6. Keep the Birkin
  7. The hac is harder to come by than a birkin, but I'd suggest keeping the 30cm w/PHW - its very chic and modern.
  8. I would keep the HAC! I'm pretty biased though, as I can't seem to forget the HAC 32 I declined. Yours also has chevre! :heart: and gold hardware!:heart::tup: It's perfect! And the shape is so nice on the 32, not too big not too small. If you don't want it send it to meee! haha
  9. Wow, both are beautiful in their own ways, I have them in both these sizes both black with gold hardware. I love them both as they serve different purposes, the 30 I can dress up or down, I take her for evenings when I need more room than kellys or for days when I dress properly - the HAC is my constant companion, she is my workhorse, the leather is surprisingly durable,I've taken her through rain,shine and snow, her added height secures my daily necessities & then some, so choose based on your lifestyle. If you can keep them both...:yes:
  10. hi liberte', your serious in sending you the hac? i can resell it! :smile:
  11. I'm glad that the 30 fjord went to a fellow tPFer! With that said, with would go more with the outfits that you wear? PH or GH?
  12. asleviste, to me, there is a pretty large size jump from the Birkin 30 to the HAC 32. They are not alike at all.

    Kind of like comparing apples and grapefruits. Totally different.

    The HAC 32 was pretty large to reminded me of the Birkin 35 in how it FELT on me ( yet it is PERFECT for most ladies!)

    The Birkin 30 is perfect for me.....although it may be too small for someone else.

    Question is, which one ( or both?) will you use? Which one feels the best on you? Looks the best, holds all of your things?
  13. THanks for the kind offer, but I'm going to have to refuse. Prefer getting my stuff from the store and I can't get a black one and I havent decided if 36 or 32 is better yet. Even if the rest is pretty much perfect!!! :heart: (don't tempt me lol):drool:
  14. i carry big bags (but not super large bags). i tried a 32cm before and i'am happy that it holds all my things. as for the 30cm, it holds all my things too but i can't put "extra" things on it.
    i have a PH and RH. i don't have a GH in any H bags yet.
    im thinking which one would be more practical to keep?and harder to find?
  15. Wow! How did you manage to score two black HAC/birkins at one time? Have you shopped there before, or were you one of those lucky "first time walk ins"?

    I would say you should keep both if you like them, you can never have too many black bags IMHO.