help me decide on a white bag

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  1. another vote for the first one :love:
    it looks soft and casual enough for a lovely summer with two ways of carrying which i think is great with kids around;)
  2. Thanks so much to all of you. This is way more input than I get from my husband about stuff like this. I love it!!
  3. I may have to order both to see them in person. That is the only bad thing about the net. I really want to feel all of my bags first. Thanks again.
  4. I love both these bags. it would be so hard to choose!
  5. I'm not into the multi-strap option type bags but it somehow works on #1. I like it!
  6. Maxeyd, have you decided yet? Do you take suggestion? =)
    How about this roomy Leather Double-Pocket Satchel from MARC by Marc Jacobs? I saw it a few weeks ago at Saks & Macys, it can be worn on the shoulder.

    (pic & info from, item NMOS6_V7086)
    Leather Double-Pocket Satchel from MARCH by Marc Jacobs

    Must-have white looks so chic on this perfectly-sized satchel.
    • Talc (white) with blue topstitching.
    • Golden hardware.
    • Shoulder straps; zip top with logo pull tab.
    • Two front button-flap pockets.
    • Side zip pockets with logo pull tabs.
    • 9 1/2"H x 14"W x 5"D.

    Price: $358.00
  7. I like them both. #1 looks more casual. It's up to you I guess.
  8. Maxeyd, both are nice but I prefer No: 1. :biggrin:

    What are your requirements exactly? When will you make your final decision?
  9. Happypug, what do you think about that Francesco Biasia Hypnotic woven leather tote on Nordstroms?

    Will you consider a Tignanello?

    Please see the following (and if you can spare about 20-30 minutes, read the reviews on the site):
    7" x 13" x 4" ;smooth naked leather
    $85-49 now
    "85 of 86 customers said they would purchase this again"
    14.5" x 7" x 4"; soft fine pebble grain leather
    $80-99 now
    15" x 11" x 1.5"; Soft pebble grain leather
    $121-49 now
    14" x 9" x 6"; pebble grain leather
    $98-99 now
    16" x 13" x 0.5"; soft pebble grain leather
    $130-49 now
  10. #1:smile:
  11. I vote for the 2nd one!
  12. #1
  13. i like the first one - the one in the first post :smile: