help me decide on a white bag

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  1. Hey,
    I really want a white bag for this Summer and I can not spend a ton on it bc with 3 kids under 6 a white bag in my car will not last more than one season. So, i have narrowed it down to 2 bags around $500 each and I want to take a poll. Which one do you like? Thanks for your help bc I asked my husband and he said either one. No help. Anyway, thanks a ton. ---Maxeyd


  2. The second one looks interesting- what is it made out of? Out of those 2, I think I like that one the best. Also, check out the new bags from Banana Republic, they had one in white that was fantastic, especially for the price!
  3. Both are really cute!

    I think it could depend on your preference on wearing a bag. I personally just like longer straps so I can swing the bag around for access. The second one might also be easy to access while still on the shoulder.

    The first one seems to have more zippers, which could be a good or bad thing with 3 kids under 6!!:lol:
  4. The first is the Moni Moni Splendor in Vanilla and the second is Ellen Tracy leather woven tote which I would usually never look at bc Ellen Tracy reminds me of my mother's wardrobe but I thought it was really cute. I saw the Banana Republic ones and I thought they were really cute too but I have already seen a bunch of them around. Thanks for your comments!! I love reading them.
  5. I like the first one better because the leather looks lovely and soft, but the second one might be more practical, esp. with kids.
  6. I like the first one as well because it's not as structured. It looks a little more casual, something that you could use everyday. The second one look more business like to me.
  7. I like the first one also.
  8. #1, and I'll take one too. =)
  9. I really like the first one.
  10. I love the first one! it reminds me of a balenciaga!
  11. You have great taste!! I love both....I'm not going to be of much help here!!

    They are both casual;2 could be used for work but would look equally good on the beach,1 is very streetwise and hip.

    It's up to you!
  12. I really like both!! But i still prefer the second one! It has a more classic look :smile:
  13. I vote the second one! It looks classier IMO and roomy!
  14. the second one is cute!!