Help me choose

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  1. I actually like the "fish" tote.
  2. Agree with the others, not really liking any of them. But, if you're only going with something out of these three, I'd go with the first tote.
  3. Number 1.... I have seen number 2 in many fabrics and it just doesn't work for me. But 1 is really cute. 3, im sorry but it just looks like a 5 year old got ahold of mom's purse....(i hope I haven't offended anyone with Purse #3)
  4. The evolution of the COACH designs has me thinking - someone over there is on crack.
  5. I agree!!! LOL!
  6. If I have to choose between these 3, I'll go with the 2nd one.
  7. Ditto. Maybe a tote or a bag with a solid colour instead ? It would get dated less quickly as well !
  8. mmm so sorry :cry: same here they are just too :blink: and not my type.. but if i had to choose one it would be the gallery tote! although again its waaay too busy.. :sad: i would have preffered a "tocuh" of business !! ;)
  9. I LOVE the third lol I am sooo not a Coach fan, but am attracted to this bag :biggrin:
  10. Out of the 3, I'd go with the 1st.
  11. I'd pick the first one.
  12. Of those three, I'd go with the first one. Since the pattern is fairly busy, IMO it looks more balanced with a simple design.
  13. I don't love any of them. Have you seen the new scribble?
  14. out of these three...none. I wouldn't pay full price for any of you know anyone that's military? they have them at the px WAY cheaper than retail.