Help me choose Tiffany earring set plz

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  1. They look amazing on you!
  2. Thanks! :smile:
  3. Aww thank you!
  4. It looks stunning on you!!!!!! Is this the larger one in YG?
  5. Thank you! It's actually the mini size in rose gold. It is subtle. At first, I thought they sent the wrong gold lol.
  6. #21 Feb 14, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
    I love Tiffany RG, as they are not too red and very close to YG. I think the mini X earrings will go well with my two Atlas RG pendants. I should put these earrings on my wish list. Thanks again for sharing the pic of yours.
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  7. I think that would look great! I think both sizes would work for you. :smile:
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  8. I too think Tiffany RG is stunning and have gravitated towards their RG more than their YG in recent years. Snowgurl, they look beautiful on you!! Enjoy!
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  9. Thank you! Yes, I love the color too
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