Help me choose Tiffany earring set plz

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  1. hi! I'm looking to make my first Tiffany purchase, and I can't decide which earrings for every day use! I am stuck between the Paloma X earrings mini and the mininbows in rose gold. Im 30 and on the smaller side so I don't know if the bows would be too large and young for me or not. I was also looking at the olive leaf hearts but they seem big for everyday wear. I also like the mini heart tag earrings but not sure about the signature on them. Any thoughts on these or new suggestions for everyday use? Budget is around $400-700.Thank you!
  2. My vote is for the X. I think that will age with you the best!
    I had the mini heart tags and they are cute but they portray a younger vibe than the bows in my opinion.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Yup, I’ve been on a x tear so I’ll admit my bias but I really think bows have an age expectation date unless you have a very specific style.

    Love the x’s. Did I mention that? :lol:
  5. Agree....the X earrings are more everyday style which will not age you.
  6. X earrings are a classic! That would be my choice.
  7. I'm going with the X's thanks for the feedback everyone. Do people tend to like the mini or regular size??
  8. I like the larger X but I think the olive heart is stunning and not too big for every day wear. If I were to get a pair, I would pick the heart. I tried them on recently and here they are on me.

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  9. The heart looks great on you! Thanks for sharing the pics!!
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  10. You’re most welcome. Please post pics of the X on you once you have picked them up.
  11. Just ordered them. Will post a pic when they arrive!
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  12. Both look beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing these photos!
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  13. Thank you and you’re welcome. I think I may go for the heart when my hubby asks me what I would like to have for my birthday.
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  14. The earrings arrived! Not sure the pic does it justice but here they are. Love them. Thanks for the help everyone

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  15. Enjoy! You'll wear and love these for years to come.
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