Help me buy my wife a watch!

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  1. I was going to say if you're spending that much you want her to have what she really wants so make sure she can exchange it if what you select isn't her perfect choice
  2. I like this strategy best! I'm typically not a fan of receiving expensive surprise gifts. Perhaps make a short list of watches you think she'd favor, print out pics, fold up and wrap in a beautiful box, along with an itinerary for a lovely day out together to browse choices and have lunch at a favorite spot where you can mull the options. I'd be thrilled with this! :smile: Keep us posted!
  3. Yeah, I'm not at the point where I've actually gone out to a jewelry store to find out what the ordering and return policies are for these watches. So used to ordering stuff from Amazon I"m out of practice! But this will require a face to face interaction, and as I mentioned, any thought of me surprising her would necessitate the ability for her to exchange it if she doesn't approve of my choice. If that were not possible, I'd have to dispense with the surprise element.

    Gourmetgal and tarheelap: love both of your suggestions too! This is getting harder, not easier :shocked:
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