Help me buy my wife a watch!

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  1. I have the JLC reverso and I love it. It looks great and fits my small wrist perfectly. I highly recommend the black satin band, bc it looks so sleek, but when it wore down, I had to switch to a more durable band so I got the alligator, instead of SS to keep it more elegant looking.

    One side of my reverso has white dial, and subtle diamonds, while the other is black and more blingy. Like having two watches so that you can choose to wear it more than just special occasions.

    I think watches are kind of personal, like perfume, and would be best suited to trying on.
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  2. I love Reverso. Like the history behind it, the idea and the recognisable brand DNA. I tried it on many times. But alas I don’t like the square design on me.
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  3. What about a Rolex with the smooth bezel? I have very small wrists and I got a 34. A lot of Rolex watches need to be ordered. They take about 6 weeks to get. Best wishes!
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  4. Papertiger: looking again at the Reverso, as I love the face. The gold Duetto is close to perfect, but pushes outside my budget, but Reversos are definitely on the list. I do like the Omega Ladymatic, maybe someting like the Co-axial 34, would need to see if size works for her. I do think she'd like something with some gold, as she wears gold a lot more than silver. And the olive Rolex is cool!

    Essie: thanks, these are on the mark! Again, the Omega. All-gold Cartier also beautiful though right at the edge of budget.

    Jolie: the Audemars are also beautiful. I'll have to see if I can see one in the flesh locally. And thanks for seconding the JLC.

    Stella: nice to hear that the 34 worked for you. Again, it's on the short list for sure.

    Thanks all!
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  5. What's her style and personality ? Something blingy, something demure, something for dressy or casual or a little bit of everything ?If she is going to wear it often vs only on special event(s). Trust me, she knows what she would like. Cost per wear should determine your budget. Look at watches online together to see what she gravitates towards... then out of the five(5) she likes, go to the boutique(s) and have her try them on... look at her face and listen to what she says and doesn't say about each one... have lunch at a lovely outdoor café to discuss likes and dislikes... then surprise her with the one she really likes later on in the month at home... then take her out to show her off and her show her watch off.
  6. We often consult on gifts for each other, but this is one of those special occasions where I'd like to surprise her. I'm hoping that return policies will allow her to then show me what she really wants if I'm off the mark. That's why all this discussion is so helpful.
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  7. A Patek Philip 24 would be lovely and well within your budget. While it is not automatic it definitely makes a refined statement and the maker is considered the best watch company in the world and resale values are very strong. If you really wanted to splurge you could buy the new style automatic 24 if you can get your hands on one. I totally get not wanting a Rolex as they are everywhere though the quality is very good and there are lot’s of choices.
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  8. Hmmm... I wish you luck... lol. This way is better for all parties involved... If she tells you what she wants, it will just be like you are running a errand for her instead of organically and creatively surprising her. Don't worry Bro... you got this !
  9. Trust me, when it comes to high risk activities like this, I'll take all the advice and encouragement i can!
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    LMBO !!!! I get it, I've been married for over 14 years, dated for one year and engaged for another year, a total of 16 years together, and I still have trepidation when buying the more pricier items such as a luxury timepiece. You go too high, and it is hard to go higher the next time you have to buy another timepiece. Or I get super excited about a piece, do the research, drop a ton of money and then I ask my Wife, "Do you like it ?" and she goes "Eh, it's okay...?" And my insides churn and my heart drops ! I've learned to realize that it was something I wanted her to have more than what she really liked and was attracted to. It didn't matter the pedigree, the status, the cost, the heritage, the movement, the importance. It didn't move her and she wasn't attracted to it. It did nothing for her. She will wear it on occasions and it's probably to satisfy me, but it is not her 'go to' and she's dying to wear it .Also, her style changes rapidly, And let's face it... it is really all about her and her happiness. Happy Wife, Happy Life... Happy Girl, Happy World.
  11. Rolex hands down
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  12. A question based on Jim's comments--if a Rolex needs to be ordered weeks in advance, is it typical that the purchase will be non-refundable once ordered? If that's the case, I would have to rethink my surprise strategy, as in the end, it's my wife who has to love the purchase. So if there's no return allowed, maybe I'll have to skip the surprise and shop together?
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  13. My Rolex had to be special ordered. I purchased from Tourneau. I know you could pay 50% and have it shipped to the store, or pay for it full and they would ship to your home. I believe you could still return it, for store credit only. I can't wait to see what you pick out!
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  14. So true cliresga… it's a slippery slope. Maybe find out first if a Rolex makes her heart sing... while the two of them are at the boutique, see what metal, dial color and style, diamonds or not, men or woman size (some women like the larger face) and watch bracelet size (for link removal or addition), tell her it's nice to dream and it will take a while to get the money together for something of this magnitude... He secretly gets on the phone and have them start up the process, pay for it and when it is ready, go pick it up without her and then give it to her as a surprise (pre-approved surprise). This way, it's a win-win for all parties involved.
  15. I'm certainly no watch expert, but my favorite watch is the Cartier Ballon Bleu. I have had the 36 diamond bezel for about 1 1/2 years, I think, and I absolutely love it! It's not too flashy, but the diamonds add something extra. I can wear it anywhere, any time, with anything, and it always feels appropriate and comfortable. If it's good enough for a princess, it's good enough for me.

    As others have mentioned, obviously, her personal style and taste would be the priority. What color hardware does her Chanel bag have? Wedding set type of metal? I don't think my suggestion works if she's a yellow gold all the way person.

    This may be the 33 pictured below. I was initially considering that size because I have small wrists, but ended up with the larger size with no regrets.j

    Keep us posted on the outcome! Happy birthday to your wife!

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