Hayden Harnett - Greats Sales, Deals and Steals! *NO* chatting please

  1. Awesome Grey Havana Hobo (says "used twice").
    I would be all over this one, if I didn't already have one heading my way....:shame:

    Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo in Gray
  2. Good for you ! I know I'd love it but 6 Havanas are my legal limit and I have my LP Irons and Sterling for greys.
  3. Sao Paulo Artisan $227 at Bagshop.com

    It says 2 day sale though I have no idea what day it started. There are some other HH bags on sale though the Artisan seems to be the best deal.
  4. ^^^^ Great find!
  5. NO WAY ! No amount of rehab will restore this pathetic Inzik Nico.
    It requires a complete redye after Extreme cleaning and still won't be right.
    Save your $$ for something worthwhile, unless you are willing to pay for 'modeling pics'.
    BIG PASS. It was listed before and nobody wanted it then.

  6. ^ OMG it is sooo gorgeous!!!