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  1. ^^ I don't think I ever even saw that one! Any tPFers luck out?
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag! I've still been saving mine... Ridiculous I know but I like having new bags around! Here are some modeling pics ( I know I was supposed to post these somewhere else an eternity ago) if anyone wants a size reference... I'm only 5' 1" BTW...

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  3. Oooh it's so pretty sep!
  4. oh crap...why did you have to tempt me with that Nico...
  5. There is a great deal on ebay a Salina Pouch in a cool pink color, BIN for $49.99.

    Does anyone have any modeling pics of this, would love to see how big it is.
  6. Here's one for you!

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  7. That was fast, thanks for the picture! :tup:

    I love the white, I will have to watch for that color, the pink one is gone already :smile:
  8. Mods, could we get this thread stickied, please - pretty pretty please?:flowers:
  9. ::bump:: sticky request, please.