Hayden Harnett and Walt Disney?!?

  1. I read somewhere else that was leather and vinyl, so I thought only the details were vinyl, the "patent" details...
  2. I wonder what the price points will be considering the finishes...I wouldn't want to pay alot for "vinyl".
  3. Jordanopolis that was my impression too...

    Lu, I totally agree. I hope the hobo is leather, though, because I really like it!
  4. I really like the Tron carryall, but I don't think I'll get it if it is vinyl.
  5. Vinyl *and* leather, I'm glad to hear it! :balloon: Why on earth would they sneak vinyl into the pieces? Did Disney quality control nix any potentially peely patent?
  6. Vinyl?! :sick::throwup::yucky: I hope not.
  7. Are all these Disney handbags going to be vinyl and leather or just a certain series? :confused1:

    I only want leather... sorry.
  8. I bet that if there is VINYL, the price-points won't change to reflect the cheaper materials.
  9. azureartist, I believe it's only the trim on the Tron pieces. It is kind of confusing, though.
  10. Any word on delivery dates?

    Is anyone familiar with the Magic Dot bags? Are they leather?
  11. Oops...I just answered my own question.
    Expected ship date 12/15/10...too late for the holidays.

    My yam shine carryall had the same expected ship date last year, and I wound up cancelling the order 5 months later.
  12. Pre-orders are up on Aster Alice! Just placed mine for the Sorcerer's Clutch Wallet and the Ave Maria Night Scarf (Which I am guessing is the blue one since there isn't a pic for that one yet!)
    Oh, and hello btw! I've been lurking this thread waiting for news on the HH/Disney collab. I need the Veneficus Libri bag and a few of the Tron pieces are calling my name, too. I don't actually own any other HH yet but I ordered the Biblio in grape shine last week. Anyway, Hello!

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