Has anyone bought Tory Burch eddie flats yet?

  1. The beaded ones are on sale at Shopbop. I think I'll have to get them re-soled the second the postman brings them :tdown:
  2. Wow- I had a totally different experience with the patent eddie's in royal tan. The 7.5 (my reva size) was small so I had to get an 8. The SA at TB said she had to size a whole size up and not to worry about it. I find them to be extremely comfortable, have worn them about 10-15 times and the soles are holding up perfectly.
  3. Tory flats are simply great... You can dress them up or down with a nice pair of jeans. With that being said please wear the proper shoes for the occasion. I have made this mistake and regretted it. My Torys are just so comfy...
  4. I have never posted anything on a forum. As a guy, I have never bought a purse nor do I want one. I was brought to this thread by looking up the Tory Burch Eddie flats on the internet. I find responding to a Purse Forum thread very funny and cool. So I thought it would be fun to reply. I like to do different things, so here goes...

    I love soft, comfortable shoes and especially sandals. I own several pairs of Tory Burch sandals and love them. A woman's size 11 fits me perfectly... how lucky a guy I' am. I find many wonderful and comfortable sandals made for women. So I wear them! I have never worn ballet flats, but they look comfortable.

    I saw the Eddie flat. Quite comfy looking. Some information: The outersole is made of real leather, not plastic. Real leather can be sometimes slippery, as opposed to synthetics. The little heel of the Eddie is made of some synthetic material. Except for the sole and heel, the leather is a very soft lamb skin. The padding is real memory foam. I have checked this all out.

    The lamb skin and memory foam give this shoe it's wonderful feel. The very thin real leather sole adds to this effect, but will obviously wear out faster. I do not know what kind of leather the sole is made of, but it is made of what is called an oak. That is the type of leather that is usually used for soles, but this one is very thin which adds to the feeling of softness of this shoe. It makes them like soft soled moccasins. Softness and comfort in exchange for longevity. Placing a thicker sole will decrease the softness of the shoe. A soft shoe does let you feel the gravel and other things you walk on, for it is basically a protected form of going bear footed. But that is the trade off... softness and comfort with increased perception of objects vs less sensitivity but increased stiffness. Again, a preference.

    With many years of experience in wearing very soft soled moccasins, I can share some my experience with you. Tenderness to gravel and stones will subside as you adjust to wearing such shoes. This actually occurs neurologically, as the brain selectively adjusts the responsiveness of the relevant pain tracts within the spinal cord. This is one of the functions of the body's endorphins. As you adjust to soft soled shoes, the pain sensitivity to gravel and stones goes away. But the sensation of softness and the pleasantness of the soft shoes remains. These sensations travel up different pathways within the spinal cord to where they are perceived in the brain.

    I went through this with my first pair of moccasins. Once you neurologically compensate, such tactile sensitivity actually becomes quite pleasant. It's as if your feet interact more with what your walking on. You become more aware and responsive to the surface. It probably would help you to become less likely to slip. Your feet were designed to grip the surface you walk upon. This ability is lost with hard soled shoes. It is also one of the reasons that shoes become more comfortable as they wear out. Such shoes often become beloved, but if resoled seem to feel quite different after such repair.

    Neurological compensation takes time. If you find your feet too sensitive, wear the shoes for short periods in the beginning. As you acclimate, you will find yourself wearing them longer. You will get to the point of having the tactile sensations, but without pain. I guess it's obvious I'm a doctor. I hope I have not been overly boring with this information.

    I have loved and worn many pairs of soft soled moccasins before. A tip: place a thin layer of shoe goo on the sole as a wear surface. Re apply to areas as it wears out. This will extend the life of the sole as long as you keep applying the goo. Without adding goo, I could get a soft soled pair of moccasins to have a hole in a month, for Hawaii's cement is based on coral sand which is quite abrasive. With shoe goo, I could get soft soled moccasins to go on as long as I used it... for years.

    I have never owned a ballet flat before. We have a new Tory Burch Store that just opened here in Honolulu last October. I tried a pair of Eddie's in size 11. One of the most comfortable shoes I ever put on, as far as walking around in the store was concerned. I don't know if I would wear them outside, but I know I would love wearing them at home. They are like one of the most comfortable pairs of moccasins I ever owned, and I love moccasins.

    This evening I was in the store again. They had a golden Eddie in a size 10.5. They had a silvery black in as size 11. I like the golden color the best, and it is on sale for $50.00 less. The silvery black is ok. The 11 felt as if it was already broken in. The 10.5 was comfortable, fit fairly well, but was tighter than the 11. My toes were right up to the front, but did not feel uncomfortable or like they were unduly pressing into the shoe. They were just abutting the front of the shoe, just right there. Is that how this shoe should fit when new? The people in the store were of differing opinions. Any advice? The smaller golden? The larger silver black? Get a brain transplant? Go back to square one?
  5. That’s how my Eddie’s fit as well! I’m a true 5.5, but it fit a little snug. I tried a 6 and it still feels snug but gives a bit more room. I don’t know whether to stick w/the 5.5 or the 6. If it’ll stretch out or not. What did you end up doing?
  6. annoyed that the sole was already lifting after a dozen wears.
  7. I just bought these in the purple patent. I can't wait to get them and hope that I don't have to break them in like my Reva's.
  8. I have 2 pairs of Lanvin and 6 pairs of Blochs, Blochs are by far the most comfortable ballet flats I have EVER tried. Was great that I got them all on sale for $50-70 though but they are even worth the full price tag they are so good.
    I'm about to buy a pair of Eddies and awaiting my first pair of revas but after some of the recent posts about the sole I think I'll see how the revas fit before trying Eddies. Perhaps I should just stick with the Blochs because I know theyre comfortable.
  9. I am the new owner of 2 pairs of Eddies - nude and pink (fuchsia). I agree with all of the above comments about the comfort aspects as well as the lack of sole comfort/support. My solution to the problem of a lack of support was to size up 1/2 (I'm normally between a 9 and 9.5 anyway) and place some thin insoles in them. This is what I do to all of my flats if I can (esp Tods, which comes with inadequate insoles IMO) This helped smooth out the bumpiness by at least 75% when walking on both smooth and slightly bumpier pavement. My feet feel so much better. I would not go out on gravel with these still; I had developed a very, very annoying chronic sesamoiditis after walking on gravel with my Vibram fivefinger shoes and will NEVER do that again with any thin soled shoes.

    On another note, none of the patent naplak flats were as comfortable (pliable, soft) as the matte lambskin varieties, and even among the lambskin varieties, the cut of the vamp can vary. It's amazing how a few millimeters can make a huge difference in comfort for someone with a (small) bunion; that is why I had to return a pair of black Eddies that I was hoping would work out.

    Hope this helps whomever is considering Eddies!

  10. Same here..I usually wear a 7 and I had to size up to a 7.5-- I wear a 7 in Revas. i felt like the 7 was a little tight around the rim. 7.5 is very comfy I wear them work 6 hours on my feet teaching. As others said I do feel like the sole is wearing.
  11. I haven't had a chance to get more than 5 days of wear out of each pair yet, but now, after reading everyone's experiences, I am considering having the soles reinforced with additional material!
  12. Go for it! We ladies stole all our shoe styles from the boys, anyways. And I'd go for the black ones in a larger size only cuz black goes with everything, and it's a lot more discreet than gold if you don't wanna attract too much attention
  13. I loved the eddie at first but less than two months later they started to fall apart. the "patent" cracked and peeled away and the sole was starting to lift. definitely not worth the money.
  14. Ladies, I'm a bit puzzled. I bought my first pair of Eddies a couple of weeks ago from Nordstrom while travelling in Seattle and they have a rubber sole. Doesn't look like leather to me. Did they change the material? I love mine so much I'm thinking of buying it in other colours!
  15. To add to my previous post, this is what my Eddie flat's sole looks like. Doesn't look the same as what another TPFer has posted in another thread...