Has anyone bought Tory Burch eddie flats yet?

  1. I just bought a metallic eddie ballet flats and they're super comfy! im loving it more than my revas! Mine was true to size. I dont have problems with slipping either, they are snug to the feet. happy for your new shoesies!!! ;)
  2. Thanks for the review, I really like the Eddies but I guess I'm going to have to REALLY REALLY like them before I buy them now. Thanks
  3. hi i have the limited edition of dark pink eddie ballet flat, its really close to the fuschia so i suggest you just buy another eddie in a different color since you already have the fuschia shoes :smile:
  4. I've been think about getting a pair of Eddie flats for a long time. I tried them on several months ago and they've been on my mine ever since. Comfy right out of the box so no breaking in and the memory foam insole makes me :smile: As well they are just plain and simple adorable flats. I broke down and bought myself a pair of black patent ones yesterday
    DSC09968.JPG DSC09967.JPG DSC09966.JPG
  5. Those are cute!! I'm thinking about getting a pair of patent Eddie's. How is the sizing on those? I'm a 7.5 in leather Revas and an 8 in patent Revas. Also, have you noticed any of the cracking/peeling issues so far that other posters have mentioned?
  6. Thanks. The Eddie are nice if you want to wear Tory Burch but without the "bling" in your face medallion of the Revas. I'm a 10.5 in the classic black and the tumbled leather Revas and an 11 in the patent Revas. The Eddie I'm a 10.5. Strangely enough I tried the Eddie in an 11 and they hurt my feet. The 10.5 are perfect. I haven't noticed any cracking or peeling. I'm always looking because I have read that can happen. What color of patent Eddie do you have you eye on?
  7. Thanks for the info! I was thinking about either red or navy. I do like the more subtle logo on the back of the heel, too.
  8. I like the Eddie flats because they are comfortable and the revas, although I have a couple, are not comfortable to me. I ordered the navy and exchanged them for black. Just so you know they are a very dark blue, almost black. That's why I figured might as well get black. The eddies I have did scratch a little on the bottom but it's not noticeable because it's on the bottom of the shoe. I'm clumsy and have kids otherwise they would probably be fine.
  9. Thanks for the tip about navy vs black! :smile: I might end up going with patent black afterall. I wish I had decided on this a few days ago during Saks and Tory Burch F&F!
  10. Aww! I know that's when I got a couple pairs. Is what I always do is buy both and then return one. You can always exchange for same size if needed and still keep the discount. It's weird too because I got a black and tan pair of patent leather eddies but the black fit much larger. The Tory burch salesman was nice enough to exchange them for the same price in the black tumbled leather. Just liked the more casual look as I don't work or dress up often. Love the black patent though! Saw a nice pair of patent navy revas at Nordstrom you might want to Check out :smile:
  11. I love these shoes on you! Your pictures kill me, LOL!! They are making me want every single pair of shoes you buy!! :roflmfao:
  12. Thanks, glad you like my pictures. It's nice to see someone else is addicted to Tory Burch flats as much as me. That would be great if you bought all the same shoes, we could go to the shopaholics anonymous meeting together, haha
  13. Haha!! I may definitely need to go to some shopaholics meetings after I get all of the Tory Burch shoes I'm wanting! Love the pictures you take down at foot level, it is a great angle to be able to actually see the shoe in action. :tup:
  14. I bought my first pair yesterday and they're extremely comfortable!! =)
  15. I have the purple glitter ones and they are insanely comfortable