Harry Winston Pendant - Which One?

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  1. I like the forget me not, it’s more unique IMHO. Beautiful piece.
  2. Both are really pretty, you cant go wrong with either style. To me the one with the diamond surround looks “older” somehow, the one with sapphire petals looks a more youthful, carefree style, if that makes sense?

    If I were paying those prices, though, I’d want more information about the origin, quality and treatments done on the sapphires, I’d probably even want a certificate of some kind. Can you get that?
  3. Diamondbirdie,

    I agree with your assessment of the pendants.

    Very good point on gathering more stone information. I did ask about treatments and was told that the sapphires were heat treated. With the small size of the stones, I doubt they will be certifying them; but it is definitely a good idea to see what I can learn about country of origin.
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  4. Sunflower - its diamond border brightens up the sapphire
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  5. Love look great on you! Prefer the forget me not though.
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  6. The forget-me-not for sure. It has a whimsical feel to it.

    The sunflower, while also pretty, has been done many times.
  7. Forget me not

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  8. Sunflower!
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  9. The forget me not is my vote, but that is a lot to pay for a “name”. I agree with the others who said to have it custom made elsewhere.
  10. The forget-me-not. The rich blue of the sapphires really stands out and makes the diamond sparkle beautifully. I'm sorry, but I don't find the sunflower that appealing. You need a close up look to tell that it's a flower. And although I'm sure the Harry Winston craftsmanship makes a big difference, it's a design that isn't all that different from what you can find in some shopping mall jewelry stores.

    That said, for the price you're paying, you could probably find a good jeweler to make you something just like these for a lot less, maybe even with sapphires that weren't heat treated.
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  12. Forget-me-not. It's a much more unique piece. It would look amazing custom made with ceylon sapphires!
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  13. Update.

    Thanks to all who replied to this thread for posting your opinions. They were greatly appreciated and very helpful to me during my decision making process.

    After careful consideration, I decided to purchase the Sapphire Forget-Me-Not.

    Thanks again.
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  14. Lovely piece!

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  15. Could we see mod shots please [emoji253]
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