Harry Winston Pendant - Which One?

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  1. The sunflower is more unique and very pretty.
  2. I love the sunflower!
  3. I love the sunflower....very classic & can be worn for decades with any style.
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  4. Love them both! Would love to know the pricing if you don't mind sharing
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  5. Actually, I was confused as to which was which...I think the Forget Me Not is more unique and unusual. The Sunflower is a very common style...I have one myself with a pink sapphire from another jeweler and I never wear it.
  6. mmgoodies,

    The sapphire pendants that I am considering are each priced between $5000 - $10,000.
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  7. I love the forget me not [emoji253]

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  8. So expensive. You could have them custom made for so much less!
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  9. Thanks! That's what I expected.
  10. Holy crap! I LOVE BOTH! can you get both? lol
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  11. I like the forget me not
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  12. To be frank, both are common designs which can be custom made at a fraction of its price. If I were to pick one, it’s Sunflower as the diamonds bring out the sapphire
  13. baglover4ever,

    Having both pendants would be fun, but I am going to limit myself to purchasing one of them.
  14. Darn! you wear both very well! Here is my opinion... The forget me not is beautiful. I think at first, it didn't look that special, but the more I look at it, the more beautiful I think it gets. I kind of got lost in the sapphires. Whereas the sunflower is so sparkly. I can tell it's a Harry Winston w/o you saying it. They have a way of making the surrounding diamonds so eye-catching.
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