Gucci Shoe sizes

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  1. Hope nobody minds me bumping this thread up. I tried on one of the new heeled loafers in Size 37 (I usually wear a 37 but I've never worn Gucci before). It was really loose but I didn't have the chance to ask an SA for a smaller size to try because I was in a rush. I can't go back to the store as I live very far away and have to take a flight. How much should I size down? Half a size? An entire size?

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  2. Thanks for bumping this thread. Also wondering how the sneakers fit in comparison to the loafers.
  3. I have the mid heel marmonts and went down half a size. They are the most comfortable shoes ever.
  4. I was put off trying this Peyton loafer style for ages because of rumoured fit problems. Eventually I tried half a size down from my usual IT size in the low heel and the fit is excellent. There's enough room to move my toes and they're very supportive, much more so than the Marmont pumps. If my feet were narrower I would definitely have tried a full size down instead of just half a size.
    This advice from Browns fashion for the higher heel version - "Fits large to size, we recommend taking a full size down if you have a regular foot, a half size down if you have a high arch."
    Unless your feet are very dainty a shoe horn is recommended for getting them on when you first try them because the foot really needs to be manoeuvred in a bit.
    Good luck, I love them and dream of getting another pair :smile:
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  5. Thanks for the reply! :smile: That Brown's fit description is pretty detailed. I'm so fed up with generic descriptions, especially on websites where customers aren't able to leave reviews on sizing. I'm generally a TTS 37 and I'd read that the Peytons were TTS on multiple websites and I was really surprised at how loose the 37 was for me. I'm dead set on getting a white pair with a low heel after seeing them on Katie Upton and a red pair with a higher heel (my first choice).

    Do you fold the back down so they can be worn as mules? I'm tempted to try that in theory but where I live, you have to remove your shoes before entering a home and bare feet aren't the cleanest, especially with white leather. :doh:
  6. Good to know Katie Upton has the low heeled white pair - she looks great in them but I thought she might be wearing the higher heel. It took me ages to settle on the low heeled white - I knew I wanted a white pair but had to choose between the low heel versions as well as high heel with pearls and high plain heel... simply too many gorgeous Gucci shoes!!! And those red ones are stunning too... :panic::lol:
    I'm not planning to wear the heels down because I don't want to dirty the leather.
  7. I would do a 1/2 size. I have the same issue. I wear a size 7 and I find them big on my feet.
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  8. Does anyone know whether the sizes for the woman's ace leather low-top sneaker run big/small or true to size? My local store doesn't have size 34 but it's available for special order on the Gucci website. Not sure whether or not I should risk it and bite the bullet as my feet are petite.
  9. I found them to be large by a half size. I'm a 39.5 in the Brixton loafer and a 39 in the ace sneaker. The 39.5 was way too big. Hth!
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  10. Hi! In case you're still needing an answer, im size 38.5 in Gucci ace trainers and size 39 in princetown mules with fur (flat).

    I highly suggest going to the boutique if you can do try them on because even among different colors/styles of the princetown mules, I had different sizing! Kind of odd.

    Just for added comparison, in size 40 in Chanel espadrilles.

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  11. Haha thank you! I actually answered the same question that I had, for someone else above. I also found that in the ace sneakers I would need a 39 instead of a 39.5, which I take in loafers. They are pretty roomy
  12. I just got a pair of the Brixton loafers and followed the advice to size down half a size (usually a 38.5 including in the Marmont pumps) and I'm glad I did because 38 fits perfectly now. I'm worried they might even be a little loose once the leather starts to stretch out because it's very soft.
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  13. I’ve been shopping online for vintage Gucci loafers.

    I have five pair that I bought at the store in early 1980s. They are all 38 and 38.5.

    Now I am looking at shoes online in US sizes. Is the Gucci 38 the same as an 8 and the 38.5 as an 8.5?

    In some brands I can wear a 7 1/2. My foot is narrow so sometimes I need to wear a 7 1/2 in a medium, but I am moreof an 8 or 8 1/2 narrow.

    If Gucci conversion sizes haven’t changed over the years, I am probably an 8 or 8 1/2 in Gucci loafers.

    Any suggestions? Some people say they size down in Gucci, but I know what I used to wear in EU sizes.