Gucci Shoe sizes

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  1. How do Gucci's normally fit? Does it depend on the style?

    I'm on the hunt for another pair of Gucci heels, and have found them but Bluefly only has them in 6's or 7's. I'm normally a 6.5. Any Gucci shoe experts out there? Would 7's be too big?

  2. for me, they run a little big.... i am a 9 usually, but in gucci i wear 8 1/2
  3. Yes I agree - Iv'e had to go down half a size a few times - but not always. As you say it can depend on the shoe or boot. My high instep always means I'll need smaller if buying a wedge or high/med court shoe (pump?) otherwise I'll 'walk' straight out the shoe.

    Check the type of leather because even if it's a half size too small Gucci shoes will give a little.
  4. For me, it definitely depends on the Gucci shoe style as I can where anywhere from a size 36 1/2 to 37 1/2.
  5. Sorry I should have said MOST Gucci shoes will give a little - but not the 'box' leather type if you KWIM
  6. I anm usually a 7 1/2 or 8 and in most gucci's I go to the 7 1/2. The only ones I went up in size were the platform heels

  7. same here!!The tatoo shoes I got them in 7 and I would normally 7.5 or 8.
  8. I have only have a pair of guccissima sunset platforms and I needed them one size smaller than what I usually wear.
  9. My size 38 europe and buy gucci 38.5. It probably depends on the legs!
  10. I have to go down half a size for them to feel comfortable
  11. I range between 37.5-38 for my designer shoes, for Gucci heels I take a 37.5 and for flats/boots normally 38.
  12. I find Gucci is very true to size. I am a 7 and every flat I've tried is a size 7 too.
  13. I am US 8.5 used to get 38, but recently, I have switch to 38.5 for both flat and heels , it seems to fit much better than 38.
  14. gucci shoes normally go for thinner feet, especially flats
    i brought a gucci sneaker and a pair of flats
    i think they are quite true to size
    sometimes some of the flats and heels may need half a size bigger if you have a wider feet
  15. This might be slightly OT, but I've noticed on eBay that some Gucci shoes are marked with European sizing and some with American sizing. I only own 1 pair of Gucci shoes and they are marked 36. So why are some Gucci shoes imprinted 6B (for example) on the sole?